Daasi Episode 11: Mujtaba is dead and Aahil is in jail!

Yep, that’s right. This was a high drama episode and ended up with one character less than we began with. Let’s review the 11th episode of Daasi. 

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Mujtaba wants to commit suicide because Aliya blames him for everything.

Sunehri and Aahil are out on a date. An out of mind Mujtaba barges in and threatens Aahil. Although Aahil is capable of handling the situation, it is Sunehri’s jhidki that sets Mujtaba straight.

Sunehri tried to convince Aliya about being happy with her circumstances but Aliya’s resolute ways tell us something bad may still happen.
Mujtaba confesses his love to Sunehri, yet again, whilst the wedding is on.

Aahil and Sunehri flirt, amidst all the guests etc.

Mujtaba threatens Aahil and nobody is even listening to them. Itna convenient hota nahin hai kuch.

Aliya is ready in her room, with a knife in her hand. If anyone takes a step further, she’d kill herself.

عالیہ: عزت کا اتنا خیال تھا تو مان لیتے میری بات

مجتبیٰ: آخر چاہتی کیا ہو تم

عالیہ: آہل کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں۔Mujtaba walks out, blames that Aahil is involved with Aliya. Aliya ki apni ek farzi kahani…

Nobody believes Aahil. He’s trapped and forced to marry Aliya. Sunehri is only watching. Then, she offers to convince Aahil.

Aahil gets into a rickshaw and gets away.  While Mujtaba is shooting him, a car hits him from the back.

Aadil is alone in the pandal, upset with everybody including Aahil.
Why is Aliya being mean to Sunehri? She now has another illusion that Sunehri has been bad-mouthing her to Aahil, because Sunehri supposedly wants all good things for herself.

Allah, yeh man ghadat kahaniyan!

Sunehri goes to police station and registers FIR against Aahil for murdering Mujtaba. WTH!

Rubab is angry with Tauqeer that he has not made the payments to employees. She puts her foot down and warns him, “don’t ever try to counter my decisions.”
Tauqeer replies by blackmailing her, reminding about the other son of Salahuddin. Rubab falls for that shit.


In the opening scene, Mujtaba’s acting will touch your heart. A bit of tears, a lot of anger and some helplessness.

Faryal, though loud, has once again given a top performance. She’s still delusional about Aahil being in love with her.

Her reaction on Mujtaba’s death is on spot.

There were two scenes where both Mujtaba and Aliya were too loud (I don’t like loud sounds, folks).

I do have problems with this episode. The conversation between Sunehri and Mujtaba, flirting between Sunehri and Aahil, the argument between Aahil and Mujtaba were conveniently without any onlookers or interruption.

Secondly, can anyone just run on the streets with a gun and shoot? Why weren’t there people around?

Lastly, and most importantly, Sunehri’s action – she put the love of her life in jail. Why? Because Aliya says, “Sunehri be selfless once and think about others for a change”.

I mean, if you had to sacrifice, you could ask Aahil to marry Aliya. Why send him to jail? To top it, she blames that Aahil pushed him. Didn’t anyone see the car that hit him and ran? Sunehri was right there. Unreasonable, goes beyond logic.

But overall a very happening episode. Now, I am looking forward to the next episode.

Until next review, remember in your prayers.

Shabana Mukhtar