Daasi | Episode 16 | Shahabuddin Is Creepy AF

Let’s review the 16th episode of Daasi. 

Aahil refuses to attend the wedding of Aadil and Aliya.

Sunehri is going for an interview and a car came to a screeching halt two feet away from her. Can you guess who was driving the car? Aahil, of course. World is short, but not this shirt, right?

What was Aahil doing? He was drowned in his thoughts, essentially flashback of the previous scene. I just don’t get it. Abhi scene hua, abhi repeat kar diya. Argh!

Also, it is not hard to guess that Sunehri was to be interviewed at Aahil’s firm. She doesn’t stay for the interview. Bandi mein attitude hai.

Aliya comes to invite Sunehri’s mother for her nikaah and categorically forbids that Sunehri cannot attend her nikaah. Wah!

Aahil is investigating Tauqeer and Tauqeer uses the situation to his benefits – to show tantrums to Rubab and to remind her of what Salahuddin has done.

Aahil runs into Irma. Naeema Butt, as I have said in my review of 15th episode, sounds different. And, fake. I like how Aahil maintains his distance from her.

Shahabuddin continues to creep me out. He sneaks up on sleeping Sunehri. First of all, she shouldn’t be sleeping outside so casually. And second of all, what a creep!

When would Sunehri kick him out of her house? She should do that, don’t you think? Her mother talks to Shahabuddin and Shahabuddin turns the story around. Sunehri’s mother believes him, or so it seems but she does ask him to arrange his accomodation elsewhere.

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar