Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 4

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So, after Nisan and Sinan’s respective dates leave them, they start to walk to their cars. Stupid as she is, she crosses the road without watching. Our hero saves her life. Awnnn!

Nisan tells Sinan that she doesn’t want to be only friend with him. Even though Sinan probes her for reasons, she couldn’t explain her feelings for him.

Sinan teases her for her incessant talking habit and she promises to zip her lips, forever. Haha, if only!

Back at the hospital, Captain Fazil is holding a gun on Ayla and Berzan. Berzan talks into him using military terms and calms him down. By the way, the gun doesn’t have bullets. Ayla is still upset. I don’t understand why. Sis, he has a condition. It is not like he wants to kill you on purpose. Doh!

Nisan and Sinan arrive at the hospital to find Berzan and Ayla sleeping in embrace. Oh, the discomfort that Sinan feels. And, this is only the beginning of a brother being over-protective of his elder sister.

Malik’s stalker is waiting for him near his home. As it turns out, she is scared of his brother. One thing leads to another. And, Malik is sort of forced into marrying Youdus. Poor chap! The next morning he discusses his dilemma with Ansuman. Malik’s marriage’s news spreads like fire throughout the hospital.

They’re discussing Malik’s wedding when a singer Pamela walks in with her entourage for fixing her throat infection.

As Sinan’s assistant, Nisan offers to check her and hurts her in the process. Sinan throws her out of the room, upsetting Nisan. Pamela flirts with him, unabashedly and unashamedly.

Media has also arrived at the hospital. Malik and Nisan face the media, rambling on, as usual. When Pamela finds out about this, she threatens to sue Nisan.

Nisan meets a girl, Pamela’s crazy fan, who is crying. Nisan offers her chocolate and help her get some stuff from Pamela. I call her crazy, but there someone crazier – Nisan.

She pretends to be a fan and then asks for her jewellery and a lock of her hair. Pamela understands her true intentions but before long, Sinan walks in.

Every time Sinan scolds her, Ayla conveniently appears and interrupts their conversation. At the other end, Sinan is upset that Ayla and Berzan are getting cozy. All he wants is that they inform him.

They all go for the concert. Pamela asks Sinan to join her on stage. Berzan and Ayla also dance, leaving Nisan alone to sulk. Burn!

Captain Fazil is taking charge of all the cleaners and asks them to make the hospital spotless clean. We also see him getting a massage from a fat nurse. Later, they dance together and when Ayla calls him, he says he wants to divorce Ayla and marry the nurse. Good for you!

Sinan sees Ayla and Berzan in embrace and is terribly upset. They arrive home and Sinan asks Nisan to give him company. He gives her birthday present and she hugs him. Then we see them gaze at each other with lovestruck eyes. count++

Malik is so pissed off with his stalker that he asks Dr Murat for a transfer. Dr Murat consoles him that he will handle things.

Two injured footballers are admitted and Sinan and Berzan are assigned for their treatment. The sportsmen have similar situation and are fighting over a girl. How convenient!

All four of them are in the same room, and taunts start flying from every direction. Nisan suggests that they do a football match and Sinan and Berzan work as substitutes. Look at them. Oh, the swag!

Malik brings staff members to support the doctors. The match is intense and tense as both Berzan and Sinan manhandle each other. Who offers to help? Nisan and she kicks the ball scoring a goal. Seriously, girl! Get a grip.

In the dressing room the two boys apologize to each other and clear their misunderstandings.

As they arrive at the apartment, Natasha brings Fazil home and refuse to work for him. Fazil continues to address Nisan as daughter-in-law and Ayla as his enemy.
Ayla receives test reports and that Fazil doesn’t have much time left.

Now, all Ayla wants is to keep Fazil happy during his last few days. Sinan tries to stop her but she storms off to Nisan’s apartment. Nisan shrugs understandably and they hug. Awnnn!

Near kiss moment count = 3


That was my take on episode 4. If it wasn’t for Nisan’s annoying habits and very convenient-driven plot, I would have liked it much better. But, Sinan is kinda cute. Isn’t he?

Shabana Mukhtar