Welcome 2020 | New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

TOMU wishes you all a very properous year.

Let me admit, I am not a “New Year Resolutions” kinda person. I make and break a resolution every day, often times more than once.

But one can change, right?

So, here are my 5 new year resolutions.


You read it right. I want to read less. In 2019, I did “same author readathon” for 5-6 authors. It didn’t work for me. No matter how awesome the writer is, the stories felt repetitive and lost charm.

Secondly, it adds stress to my already stressful schedule.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it takes away from my novel writing time. And, I really want to publish a few stories. And that’s a perfect segue into my next resolution of 2020.

Clear the Backlog

There are two near-finished manuscripts sitting in my laptop for past five years. I just don’t get the time to edit and publish it. Let’s hope 2020 proves lucky for those stories. It has one additional day, haha.

Sleep More

Sleep eludes me, for various reasons. One of the reason is my hyper-active mind that spins tales by dozens in a minute. I need to learn to slow down so I could sleep more. My body hates me for not giving it enough rest.

I know, it will take a lot of effort to actually get there. I hope I could get through the drill.

Control Social Media Consumption

When I wrote this post, I was so fed up with the whole social media thing. I had created twitteraccount, Instagramaccount, a facebook page, Amazon author page, author profile on Goodreads and perhaps more, that I don’t recall. It got to me. The pressure was too much to handle. I have denounced most of it since. Blog, and my Goodreads page is what I maintain regularly.

I still consume it a lot, though. Watch other’s success story and be upset that I am moving nowhere. I used to freak out, occasionally, sometimes, all the time. I don’t want to do that. So, less social media is one of my resolutions this year.

Be More Consistent and Organized

We all want to be more organized, don’t we? Let me just boast that I am already fairly organized but I want to improve. I want to blog more consistently and to follow a schedule of posting. Right now, it is all random. I want the visitors to know the schedule by heart. Like,

Hey, it’s Wednesday. Shabana must have reviewed another book.

Oh, it is 5th of the month. The new article in her STBU series must be on.  Indeed, I am starting a new series to ramble more about certain things. Don’t forget to read the first one this Sunday.

What are you new year resolutions? Make one to visit TOMU every day. Haha.

Be considerate of people around you and stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar