December 2019 Roundup

This month was chilled, literally and figuratively. I have become lazier and blanket has become my best friend. Laptop and notebooks don’t attract me anymore. Sigh!

Posts published: 97

Words written: 20K

I am adding more scenes to my NaNoWriMo draft. I don’t count the words I write for my blog posts.

Books published: 0

I wasn’t planning to. I mean, so much was already going on.

Books reviewed: 6

Book Review | His Convenient Bride | Ira M.

Book Review | Sway With Me | Ira M.

Book Review: AURAT, MARD AUR MAIN By Umera Ahmed

Book Review: DOOSRA DOZAKH by Umera Ahmed

Book Review | Love Infinity | Sekhar Raja

Book Review | The Thief | Sekhar Raja (Review will be posted soon)

How was December for my readers?

Shabana Mukhtar

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