Drama Review: Daasi – Episode 2

Alright, it is time to review the second episode of Daasi. Read the first episode’s review here.

The second episode delves deeper into the characters and their lives. This review contains plot summary and review for the second episode. This episode left me with some questions. I will add those questions as I write the plot summary.

Plot Summary

The second episode begins with sunehri making excuses for not giving tea Aahil. She is cute and he is unrelenting. They make for a great couple, hands down.

As Aahil’s story moves back and forth in time, we see Aahil pestering Rubab to talk to Salahuddin. She does, she vents out everything that comes to her mind and he dies while listening to her taunts. OMG!

Aahil meets Aadil and tells him that he doesn’t want to pursue music or do any job. So, we know that Aahil is musically inclined. Aahil asks Aadil to arrange for his accomodation.

Rubab finds out about missing Aahil. She is all set to go to office. Why isn’t she mourning?

Aahils accomodation is arranged. No prizes for guessing that he’ll be staying at Sunehri’s. Aahil is later in his room and we hear Rubab’s voice saying you’ll not be able to stay away from home. But he didn’t really talk to her. Why does he hear her voice?

Sunehri and Naheed go to bazaar wearing burqa and boy is that funny. They run into Aahil. Aliya tries to meddle but Sunehri just lashes at him. Later, she finds out that Aahil is their tenant.

Tauqeer is Rubab’s boyfriend. And looks like has bad motives at heart – must be after her wealth.

Aadil introduces Aahil to Mujtaba. Why? Aahil says nothing but Mujtaba is being mean to him. Why? Why is Aadil so obedient to Mujtaba?

Sunehri’s Character Is Interesting

By the way, Sunehri feels everybody is planning to kill her. I like that character trait. She feels certain that Aahil has bad intentions for her and her mother. Sunehri goes through his stuff to check if he has stolen anything or has something suspicious. She finds nothing, and generously uses his perfume. It doesn’t end there. She takes the perfume to a shop and wants to buy it, only to find out that it costs 20-25 thousand rupees. But she’s doesn’t suspect him to be rich. She suspects him to be a thief. Because that’s who she is. I love her already.

Sunehri’s mother (I don’t know her name yet) stitches clothes for others. Like Lashkara, Sunehri wears the dress that her mother has stitched for wage. She almost gets caught, and begs Aliya to return home. However, her mother doesn’t open the door for her. Aahil is amused and refuses to help her, too. Sunehri wows to avenge this humiliation.


The events look out of order, I agree. But that’s how it is. I guess the makers wanted the viewers to see the protagonists from the word go, and therefore the exposition is meddled with flashbacks.

Long shots are so authentic. It doesn’t show the actor in every frame or their faces closeups. Real, like really real!

Dialogues repeat a lot when Sunehri and her mother are talking. It gets a tad bit boring.

I noticed two tiny problems in the plot – Sunehri calls him Aahil Salahuddin. When did he say his full name? Never. Two, Aahil hears his mother’s voice. She doesn’t even know where he is, let alone commenting on whether he could survive in a new place or not.

Let’s come back to the questions I highlighted above. Some of it is simply oversight and some leave me intrigued.

Mujtaba walking through lanes of market reminded me of Fashion Street, Pune. Awnnn! Sunehri’s mother’s dresses are so beautiful. I want all of them, especially her white lacy dupatta.

Final Words

What do others think of this episode? Please leave comments. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar