Drama Review: Daasi – Episode 3

Alright, it is time to review the second episode of Daasi.

Before you process, please read my review of first episode and second episode.

Plot Summary & My rant

Sunehri’s mother refuses to let her in and Aahil doesn’t help her either. It gives her a perfect opportunity to torture him. She burns red chillies and keeps it in his room and locks it from outside. The music is romantic. How is that funny or romantic? He could get sick. People may have asthma or other allergies. I have serious problem with this scene. Show it, but don’t glorify it. Aahil gets back at her by pretending to be dead. If that was considered a redemption, I am sorry, but I don’t buy it.

Rubab signs a cheque for Tauqeer. Tauqeer talks shit about her dead husband and missing son; and she listens t oit without any objections. What kind of woman is she?

Sunehri failed the exam and cries her eyes out. Aliya tries to cheer her up by bringing the khussa Mujataba bought for Sunehri. Later, Mujtaba teases her to say thanks for his gift but she gives it to maid. Sunehri’s got attitude and she doesn’t give shit about Mujtaba.

Okay, so she needs tution to pass her maths paper. Who will give her turion? Ahem, Aahil who else?

Aahil and Aadil meet Mujtaba again. Mujtaba offers aahil to work with him. What pleasure does he get to make Aahil work for him is beyond me.
Let’s throw a twist in the plot- Aliya likes Aahil. She makes a sketch for him and keeps it in his room. At one point, Aliya’s lenses look awful almost witch-like, cat-like. I was watching it at night. It scared me.

Aahil is a strict teacher. Let me just admit that the scenes between Aahil and Sunehri are cute.

Before going to market, her mother hugs her and tells her to take care of herself. At this point, an alarm will go off in your head – SHE IS GOING TO DIE.

And bam!

Final Words

The love story is full of cliches so far.

  1. Hero and heroine bump into each other and argue. They both are frustrated and jump at the opportunity to vent out pent up frustration. Both refuse to back down.
  2. Hero lives as a tenant in heroine’s house. Not even as a neighbour. Convenience is a major plot device.
  3. Heroine’s mother meets with an accient. Now, who would take care of her but the kind-hearted hero?

What do others think of this episode? Please leave comments. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar