Daasi | Episode 20

Let’s review the 20th episode of Daasi. Read previous episodes’ reviews.

Plot Summary & Review

Aliya’s Side

The episode begins as Aliya continues to say everything that is buried inside her for ages. How can someone have so much hatred for someone? I mean, the girls were inseparable.

Sunehri’s Side

Sunehri is upset to hear the truth and admits to breaking Aahil’s heart.

Wait, who is Aahil? Shahabuddin wonders.

What does he do?

He meets Aadil. He will find out about Aahil, for sure. I don’t have a good feeling about this.

There is montage of all the cute moments between Sunehri and Aahil. Now, Sunehri is all weepy and guilty.

Aahil’s Side

Aahil and Irma have a nice outing. Fair, he isn’t with Sunehri, but he still has feelings for her, right? Why is he so friendly and flirty with Irma?

The contract doesn’t get through as the other company refuses to work with Tauqeer. So, how does Tauqeer react? He wants out – mujhe mera hissa de do. Because he knows that their company cannot afford the split. In other words, blackmail.

She talks to Aahil and Aahil promises that Tauqeer wouldn’t take his shares because of him. So, does he have another game plan? Curious!

Sunehri begs Aahil to listen to her once, but Rubab and Aahil both talk to her rudely. I was hoping Aahil would find out that Rubab had an arrangement with Sunehri.

The episode ends as her mother announces that her nikaah date is fixed for next Friday. 

Parting Thoughts

Faryal Mehmood kills this episode. Her confession is honest and yet adamantly aggressive that what she has done is right. What a terrific actor she is.  

English dialogues kuch zyada hi nahin hain? Mujhe samajh aate hain, but the USP of Pakistani dramas was “Urdu”.

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar