Daasi | Episode 19

Let’s review the 19th episode of Daasi. Read previous episodes’ reviews.

Plot Summary & Review

Sunehri’s Side

Nafisa Khatoon is a nice woman.  Sunehri has lost her charm. Her self-confidence is shattered. The bright and i-take-no-shit girl is reduced to a sobbing, bumbling girl.

She gets engaged to Aashan, a random guy that Shabbuddin has arranged. I know how it is going to end. He will have the groom disappear at 11th hour so he could marry Sunehri.

Shabbuddin continues to be creepy and Sunehri continues to be a timid girl. It feels dragged.

Aahil’s Side

Aahil and Irma have a nice outing. 

Rubab asks Aahil to marry Irma, but he refuses, solely to focus on his career. Bhai, you’ve a business to run. Career ka kya hai. But, I am with you. You shouldn’t marry if you don’t want to. Why spoil someone’s life?

Aliya’s Side

Sunehri sees Aadil misbehaving with Aliya and defends her. Aliya is well-equipped to stand for herself. 

Anyway, Aadil tells Sunehri the truth that Aliya has lied about EVERYTHING.

And, Aliya confesses. I lied to marry him, not because she loves Aahil, but only because she wanted to avenge Sunehri. Her hatred comes out.

Parting Thoughts

Kamran is the best performer in this drama. His character is pure evil and the sole reaons I don’t want to watch this drama anymore. Does that make sense?

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar