Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 16 | Amaan is a Vulnerable and Psychotic Husband

Before you proceed, may I request you to read about the characters and previous episodes’ reviews here. It will help you understand the story better. Unless you know it already 🙂


The dogs are barking. Aina wakes up in the middle of the night to find Amaan is missing. She hears his muffled cries in the piano room. He lashes out at her, forbids her from coming near the room.

She finds him in a semi crazy state, takes him to the hospital. He reveals a bit about his parents.

Bhai me kapde kab badle? He wore white in the night and now this colour, whatever you call it.

Amaan acts like a little kid scared of the world and being alone. Pretty serious and terrific acting by Ahad Raza Mir. Cutie is talented.

His stance changes when she asks him about his parents’ death. Terrified Aina starts to ramble, fearing he would burst again.

Now, the psycho yet vulnerable husband decides to take her for a honeymoon. No, don’t be all mushy. It is all part of his big plan. He takes her to the old cottage that he and his family lived in. Aina is getting all weird and scared about the place – it is familiar and it is scary for her at the same time.


That is my commentary on 16th episode of Yeh Dil Mera. What did you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar