Daasi | Episode 27

So, Rubab bails out Shahabuddin to torture Sunehri and be rid of her. I don’t understand the reason for that slow walk when Rubab and Shahabuddin leave the police station. I mean, those slow mo are reserved for underdogs, heroes, isn’t it?

Shahabuddin records their entire conversation on his phone.

Next, our lover boy Aahil tries to feed Sunehri. And, he reminds her of their relation. Awnnn! After everything Sunehri has done to him, he still loves her. You don’t remember that? Let me remind you.

Sunehri blamed Mujtaba’s death on Aahil. Don’t ask me why. She was only trying to be loyal to Aliya. She claimed that Aahil pushed Mujtaba in front of the rushing car. Aahil was locked up, later bailed bu Rubab. If I were Aahil, I would not have forgiven Sunehri. But he is the hero, so he continues to love her.

Aahil finds out that Raziya, the old maid is fired because she informed Aahil about Sunehri’s unconsciousness. The new maid refuses to make soup for Sunehri.

Aadil and Aliya have a little talk. They are ready to embark upon a new journey with their unborn baby. She also asks Aadil to inform Aahil that Sunehri’s life is in danger now that Shahabuddin is out of prison.

Irma isn’t really interested in Aahil. Or, even if she is, she has an ulterior motive – getting Rubab’s property for Tauqeer. What twisted relationship is that? Mamu hiring his bhanji to get properties. Yuck!

Rubab asks Aahil to kick Sunehri out of his life. She’s worried about Irma and Tauqeer more than she thinks about Aahil. What kind of mother is she? And, because that is not enough, she humiliates Sunehri, yet another time.

Aadil informs Aahil; Aahil and Aadil arrive just in time, with policemen and capture Shahabuddin again. As expected Shahabuddin pins it on Rubab.

Would next episode be the last? I am tired. This drama dragged too long. From Mujtaba to Shahabuddin, from Aliya the bestie to Aliya the vamp, so much has happened. Boring!

Shabana Mukhtar