Ishqiya | Episode 8

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.


Episode 8 of Ishqiya opens on the same boring note – Hamna trying to stop this alliance and Hamza is hellbent on getting through it.

Alishba and her father also have a similar boring conversation where Alishba wants him to still pester Saman for her marriage with

The only meaningful words come from Kiran – that Hamna should tell Rumi everything. Hamna says that it isn’t about Rumi. True, but my dear sister, Rumi is affected by this. How selfish can you be?

She does talk to Rumi but doesn’t tell her the truth. Our nice bacchi Rumi asks her to pray for her. Isn’t that nice? Praying and leaving things to Allah’s will works best.

So, nikaah instead of engagement and both weddings in the same date are finalized. At the same time, Hamza has charmed Azeem.

Hamna is tasked to take Azeem and Hamza for shopping while Rumi is out to shop for her bridal trousseau with Hamza’s sister (I am forgetting her name). Hamza asks Azeem if he has ever been in love. Cheap remark, Hamza.


Azeem’s echoed my sentiments – Hamna, you have the same expressions. True that!

If it wasn’t for Rumi and her lively commentary, this drama would have been intolerable.

Shabana Mukhtar