Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 13

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This is roughly 60-66 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 60)

The scene is straight cut to the room where Sinan is looking after unconscious Nisan. No major harm is done, but our angry hero is now missing her incessant chatter.

But the scene stretched too long, and goes on for an eternity.

Nisan wakes up and asks: who are you?

She remembers her name and her birthplace. That’s all. She doesn’t remember Sinan.

Sinan says: I am your neighbor and senior and good friend.

The previous 13 episodes are summarized as Sinan tries to remind Nisan of her life in Istanbul. She doesn’t even like her favourite food – eggs.

Mehmut and Ehsaan beat Abidin for 12 hours nonstop. He has two options – to marry Nisan or tell the whole truth to Hassan.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 61)

Nisan doesn’t spill coffee, failing another test, she isn’t the same person. Abidin meets her and tells her a fake story about them being in a relationship.

The two men confuse Nisan further by feeding him contradictory information from her past.

Dr Murat announces his decision to leave the hospital. He tells them that their names are suggested to take charge of the hospitil.

Until now, nobody knows that Sadiya is kidnapped. Later, Murat gets a text from Sadiya (or his kidnappers) that she wouldn’t marry him.

Yildiz is also fine. Even though her leg is broken, she wants to meet Melik. The women just wouldn’t change.

Another test: the elevator test. Nisan doesn’t care a damn in the elevator.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 62)

This episode begins on a note of jealousy. Melik sees Yildiz with a man and is jealous AF. Poor man, he’s so confused.

Hassan gives Abidin a thick wad of cash to buy a ring for Nisan.

Dr Murat is leaving but has started a fight between Berzan and Ayla. Both feel that they are better suited for chief’s post.

His farewell scene is quite emotional. And, Dr Murat looks terrific in that outfit.

Ayla takes over chief’s job.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 63)

This episode begins as Sinan is packing for Nisan. Nope, they aren’t going home. Nisan doesn’t remember her past but she is all lovey-dovey around Sinan. How is that?

Sinan brings her to the same park where he had earlier brought her with Ozge and his grandfather.

She does vaguely remember that she wasn’t entirely happy on their previous trip. Then, he brings her home, her gome. There are too many flashbacks. I don’t wike it.

Melik praises Ayla and it irks Berzan. Ali overhears the conversation. Apparently, there is a file that Ayla is NOT expected to sign and Ali promises that he will put Ipek to work to make sure Ayla doesn’t sign the file. Whatever crap that is, I don’t like the vagueness of the whole matter.

So, basically, Berzan wants to sign the proposal himself. Ayla is upset with him.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 64)

Nisan is looking at her own stuff with such surprise, it surprises me. She looks at the mysterious wooden box.

Next, the unnamed goon who abducted Sadiya is seen wrapping a body in a blanket. He throws her stuff in garbage and sets it on fire. Poor Sadiya!

Berzan and Ayla come home to see Nisan. She doesn’t remember them, either.

And, them comes Abidin. He proposes to Nisan, Sinan loses his temper and Ayla kicks him out of the house.

The goon man is now set to kill Nisan. Sinan decides to take her to a farmhouse. He conveniently leaves the pamphlet on the table, just so the goon man can follow them to the secluded place. Argh!

On the ride, Nisan rants for nearly two minutes, nonstop. Sinan yells at her and she remembers everything. But, she does not tell him.

Oh my god, now she will pretend to get his attention. It is going to be fun.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 65)

Thank goodness for Abidin. He is always funny and shameless. He eventually finds the whereabouts of Nisan. So the lovebirds, Abidin and goon man will be there together, mark my words.

Nisan fights hard to keep her façade, but her eating habits might give her away.

Abidin breaks into Nisan’s car to sell it. I hope he doesn’t, because Nisan loves her car.

Berzan wins employee’s heart by telling them about the proposal, leaving Ayla miffed. Ipek and Ayla change the shift schedule, annoying employees. Team Ayla (Ayla and Ipek) Vs Team Berzan (Berzan and Ali), let’s see who wins.


Now that I have cleared the backlog, I may need to wait for more episodes to be live. Should I review individual Urdu episode, like Tera Mera Pyar?

Shabana Mukhtar