Daasi | Episode 29


The finale episode is finally here.

Rubab and Tauqeer’s showdown is so boring. Tauqeer is menacing and Rubab is overwhelmed by sheer amount of hatred coming her way. Irma is just there, like a showpiece. Hina Khwaja Bayat and Naeema both missed the mark by over-emoting.

Aadil tells Aahil: Tu bahot mohabbat karta hai uss se.

Bhai, why do you have to tell him? Doesn’t he know that already?

Aahil and Sunehri both love each other. Now that Mujtaba, Shahabuddin and Rubab are out of the way, the conflict between them as stupid as a sheer misunderstanding that “he doesn’t love me” and “she doesn’t love me back”. So old and done to death, no?

Aahil and Sunehri talk, as to why they should be separated. Rubab overhears their conversation that a simple girl like Sunehri is so great that she has not only forgiven her but also defending her.

So, she apologizes for her deeds. Sunehri forgives her. She’s now tasked to convince Aahil to stay.

Did anyone remember anything about Aahil and Sunehri’s aspirations for music? Nobody did, but the director suddenly recalls this. That old friend who recorded Sunehri’s song tells Aahil what she had done for him. That last bit proves Sunehri’s feelings for Aahil.

Rubab tells Aahil that he should learn to forgive and accept love. She then calls the SHO and admits to helping Shahabuddin.

I don’t know if this scene between Irma and Aahil is a flashback or in real but that restaurant is awfully empty. No?

The epilogue shows Sunehri and Aahil in a park with a toddler.

Happily ever after!!

Parting Thoughts

Aliya, I mean Faryal, is the best performer in this drama.

The otherwise reliable Adeel Hussain disappointed me. I felt he overacted in most scenes.

Sunehri and Kamran were good.

Hina Khwaja Bayat and Naeema both missed the mark by over-emoting.

Adil and Furqan do justice to their roles.

Performance aside, this drama wasn’t something that I eagerly waited to watch.

Chalo, khel khatam.

Shabana Mukhtar