Daasi – Episode 7

I am here with my review of 7th episode of Daasi. I cannot believe. There are seven episodes already and still the story hasn’t progressed much. Even in this episode, nothing substantial has happened, except Sunehri and Aahil going out for one celebration after the other.

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Plot Summary & My rant

Tauqeer tries to woo Aahil to get to his side but Aahil doesn’t listen to him. Why would he? He loses his logic when Aadil asks him to talk to Aliya. Haha! By the way, Tauqeer makes up fabricated stories about Aahil.

Sunheri’s Overnight Stardom (Cuz It Happens Only In Fiction)

Sunehri’s video here viral. The song is really good, I must admit and those vocals are powerful. I wished there was more emphasis on that. I mean, we, the internet addicts understand how a video becomes trending and everyone starts to watch it. But do all viewers know that? Maybe it’s just me.

Sunehri comes to meet Aahil at the godown. Mujtaba’s employees keep an eye on them. They are hired to do just that.


Aahil looks suspicious and worried about something, which is still not clear.

Sunehri’s mother goes out to fetch vegetables and the neighbours taunt her. That scene was so lame. Those actors were merely reading lines, just like the ones who interviewed Aahil.

If that wasn’t enough, Mujtaba comes home to say mean things about Sunehri and Aahil.

Lagta hai kirayedar ki hawa maan aur beti donoN ko lag gayi hai. Magar aap apni beti ka gaana dekhna mat bhooliyega internet pe. Mujhe sabaq dene se behtar hai ki aap apni beti aur apne kirayedar ke rangeen-panoN se waqif ho jayeN.

Ammi doesn’t react, not even one bit.

I don’t understand why she talked to Mujtaba the way she did. Isn’t he her nephew? Is it his reputation?

For Sunehri’s celebration, Aahil takes her to his friend Faris’s studio where she records her song. The recording is done, without any discussions about charges etc. Post recording, Aahil asks for a copy in USB. That’s when he asks for 2 lakh rupees. Aahil gets upset and says “everyone leaves you in tough times.” I agree, that is true. But bhai, if he’d do stuff for free for everyone, how’d he make a living?

Sunehri Steals From Her Mother, WTH?

Sunehri listens to the argument netween Aahil and Faris about money. Very convenitenly, the next scene shows Ammi telling her about the gold jewellery she had gotten for Sunehri’s wedding. Viola! Sunehri steals the bangles, sells ’em and and gives it to Faris. End of story, right?

No, the conversation simply blew my mind.

Faris: You sold your bangles for him?

How and why does he know this?

Sunehri: Yes

Faris: Does Aahil know?

Again, why does he care? Shouldn’t he be worried about just getting his money?

Sunehri: No, I didn’t tell him.

You didn’t even tell your mother.

Faris: Why? What’s your relation with Aahil?

Really? Dude, boundaries! You’re meeting her for the second time.

Sunehri: Every relation doesn’t have a name.

True, but you could have said that you’re not doing it for him. I mean, you’re also getting benefitted from it, right? Or do you think that you’re just doing him a favour?

The celebration continues and they go to fun park.

Mujtaba’s Proposal (About Time)

Mujtaba comes there as well and openly flirts with her. He insists that she sits with him for a while as he has something important to talk about. Aahil has disappeared in the meanwhile, by the way.

یہ کروں، وہ کروں۔ فارغ ہے کیا سنہری؟

No offence, but lagta to hai that you got nothing better to do. And, that third person reference is really annoying. STOP doing that.

Mujtaba proposes to her and she rejects him outright. He seems genuine to me. He promises to never be angry, leave the gunda gardi for her.

I was wondering where is Aahil, right? Mujtaba’s two employees are beating the shit out og him. He accuses them of stealing 5 lakh rupees. Now, Mujtaba demands that he should prove his innocence or pay up the missing amount. And on that note, the episode ends.

Parting Thoughts

I don’t want to watch this drama anymore. Or maybe, once Shahabuddin (Sunehri’s cousin) makes an appearance, things would get more interesting. By the way, the teaser of 8th episode shows that Mujtaba may find out that his employees aren’t as loyal to him as they pretend. I don’t know why, but I want Mujtaba to be a good guy. He’s nailing this bad guy role, but I would want to see him in a positive light.

See you in next post. Allah Hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar