Drama Review: Thora Sa Haq – Episode 1


Thora Sa Haq is a new ARY Digital drama. It started airing since 23rd October, 2019. Only one episode has been released until now.

From ARYDigital YouTube Channel:

Thora Sa Haq–A Tale Of Compromises

Thora Sa Haq tells the story of three individuals; Zamin, Seher and Hareem. Zamin and Hareem love each other, but fate has some other things in store as Zamin gets married to Seher, and they are forced to hide their nikkah due to circumstances.

Ayeza Khan as Seher is a beautiful and simple girl who lives alone with her father, Aijaz in Hyderabad.

Mehmood Akhter as Aijaz is her father. His only wish is to see her married due to his deteriorating health. He is the youngest of three brothers.

Imran Abbas as Zamin is a good looking and charming guy. He is the son of the second brother Waqar, and the first cousin of Seher.

Mashal Khan as Hareem is the only daughter of Iftikhar, the eldest of the three brothers, and the cousin of both Seher and Zamin. She has a sweet and understanding nature.

Hareem is in love with Zamin, and her only wish is to get married to him.

Saba Faisal as Rabia and Firdous Jamal as Iftikhar are the parents of Hareem. Rabia has a dominating nature. She has a grudge against Tariq and forced the entire family to break all relations with him.

Behroz Sabzwari as Waqar is the father of Zamin. He secretly keeps in contact with his younger brother, Tariq while the rest of the family has cut him off.

A series of events lead Seher and Zamin to get married to each other. This fact is kept a secret from the entire family.

Shan Baig as Rafay is the maternal cousin of Hareem. His family is based abroad so he is close to his aunt Rabia and Hareem.

Hina Sheikh as Shamsa is the neighbor of Seher in Hyderabad, and Saba Zahid as Zobia is her daughter.


Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti

Written By: Adeel Razzak

#AyezaKhan as Seher
#ImranAbbas as Zamin
#MashalKhan as Hareem
Saba Faisal as Rabia
Behroz Sabzwari as Waqar
Firdous Jamal as Iftikhar
Nida Mumtaz
Shan Baig as Rafay
Hina Sheikh as Shamsa
Saba Zahid as Zobia
Mehmood Akhter as Aijaz

Plot Summary

The episode begins with the engagement between Hareem and Zamin.

We see Seher and her father talk about her marriage. That’s his only worry. He comes from a modest background. Once things are finalized, he is planning to do a modest wedding ceremony. Even the caterer isn’t willing to listen to him as he doesn’t have a BIG order to give. Sad! True, but sad. That’s how the world operates these days.

Zamin is doing a presentation and late for lunch. Hareem comes off like a brat who wants things done her way.

Mashal Khan isn’t as impressive as Kinza in Suno Chanda. Saba Faisal is so good. I think her character makes sense. As in, she doesn’t want them to hang out until marriage, which is fair. They are only engaged.


It is always better to watch a drama since first episode. Although there is additional anxiety of waiting for the next episode, it is my choice to watch that drama without any recommendations. Sometimes recommendations and other reviews affect my viewing experience.

So, I was already on ARYDigital channel when the video was uploaded. It was natural to click on it. Ayeza Khan’s gorgeous face would have been another reason to do so.

As I watched the first few scenes, I was doing two more things in parallel. Taking screenshots for writing the review and reading the description. I am good at multi-tasking.

While the visual attracted me, the description threw me off. Don’t get me wrong. I have my reason.

1. You’ve already read the description above. It is LONG, really detailed and gives almost the entire story away. The first episode should have been only about the first episode, even if they had chosen to reveal all the characters.

2. It relies on the age old trope “nikaah because someone is on deathbed”. It is done to death in novels and dramas and movies. I wouldn’t have minded seeing it yet another time, but if I have been forewarned, I wouldn’t waste my time.

3. There is other trope. “He broke my heart when I was young trope.” Again, too common and I am not a big fan. This is the most convenient conflict between adults.

Anyways, so after watching the first episode, I have decided to skip this one. Until I am told otherwise, I don’t plan to watch and review this drama.

PS: I drafted this on 23rd, soon after watching the episode.

PPS: This is 600th post on my blog. Hoorah!

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