Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2


I have heard people say that sequel ruins the original. It really did in this case.

The sequel in my opinion was made just for the heck of it, just to cash the success of immensely popular season 1.  The storyline did not have substantial scope to continue.

The season begins exactly from where it left off. The couple is married and there is a point of conflict right from the beginning – an ambitious career conscious girl who is determined to not let her marital status come in her way. On the other side, we have a not so typical husband who is stopping his wife not because he is jealous, but because he loves her immensely. The tiff soon turns ugly.

There are new characters introduced in the season that take away the screen time from the existing ones. Shahana still shines through.

Pari, Shahana’s cousin is funny in most parts but she uses some mean tactics to get her son’s alliance with Jalal’s niece Maina. The e property dispute was as ugly as a property dispute could get and prolonged unnecessarily, but resolved quickly towards the end.

Pari and Joji are related and for some reason continue to banter like going kids. That was hilarious all the time. Nageena, Joji’s mother, was over and loud some times, but her attempt of speaking English did evoke a laughter or two.

Meetho, Pari’s son is the third male lead after Arsal and Sherry. He is a typical mama’s boy who doesn’t even breathe without mom’s permission.

Coming back to the lead couple, the romance was hardly there. Whatever little there was, was good; but it made me question if couples behave so  openly in front of their families. If they do, why doesn’t anybody say a word? Why do they start blaming when there is display of hatred instead of love. I mean, from what I see, they were simple expressing themselves openly, be it love or hate. The relationship got sore very much and very quickly, making it dull and boring and dragged.

Comedy was plenty. Some was rib tickling and others were forced and tacky. It went downhill once the two newly weds Joji and Billo, Sherry and Kinza leave.

The conflict between a couple after marriage could have been handled better without them getting mean and ugly to each other. If the attempt was to showcase that women are strong and stand their ground, it was overdone. If they had attempted to highlight how the family supports the girl instead of the boy, breaking the stereotype, that was out of balance as well.

Jia’s primary concern was that Arsal isn’t serious about anything and everything is a joke for him. She is just as immature in her acts as well. What woman, in her right sense of mind, would let her husband be arrested by police while he pleads her to tell them that they’re married?  If that’s not mean and selfish and disgusting, I don’t know what is.

It wasn’t all that bad.  I enjoyed it immensely until episode 17. After half of the cast disappeared the series went downhill with the property dispute and Jia getting awfully mean to Arsal, yet pretending to be the victims in front of others.

Adnan Shah Tipu is irritatingly fabulous as loud and annoying son-in-law of the family.

Nadia Afgan is PERFECT as Shahana and wins the crown for consistent best performer, be it a doting mother, a caring mother-in-law or just freakishly funny every moment.

DJ was cute as usual and played his part well. I still question if kids that age are so bold in their words and actions.

Nazakat continued to carry his nazuk mizaji with panache.

Other actors did what was expected of them. Jia was a bit loud in most parts whenever she argued with Arsal.

Three major issues that ruined it for me.

1. Jia and Arsal’s love hate relationship and how families kept switching sides, mostly siding with Jia, just to prove that we support our daughters.

2. Too much promotion for too many products.

3. Continuity problems – dresses, hairstyles changing in every scene.

It was great in the beginning but sort of lost charm towards the end.

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Happy watching!

What did you guys think of this series?

Happy watching!