Daasi Episode 9: Aliya and Aadil Are Engaged

I am here with my review of 9th episode of Daasi.  Aadil and Aliya are engaged. Aadil is ecstatic and Aliya is devastated and other characters are simply playing a game of cat and mouse.

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Plot Summary & My rant

The episode begins as Aliya is wandering in Aahil’s room. I told you, his room is like a public property. Anybody can visit there without even buying a ticket.

So, she’s looking at his sketch that she herself drew when Aahil arrives. He seems to dislike her presence but humours her nonetheless. Why is Aahil so stupid? Why can’t he see that it is Aliya who has sketched?

So, after a bit of chit chat that is obviously being received out of context by both parties, Aliya asks the most outrageous question.

Aliya: Why don’t you send proposal, then?
Aahil: If that’s what you really want, I will do that.

I know, Aahil thinks she’s talking about Aadil, but why don’t you say so clearly?

Aadil insists that Aahil accompanies him to talk to Mujtaba. They arrive at Mujtaba’s to ask Aliya’s hand for Aadil. Mujtaba agrees, immediately.

Aliya hears it, thank goodness. That should solve it. She is shocked, confused, heartbroken and eventually rebels. 

Sunehri is trying Aahil’s clothes in his room. Because, it is so convenient. And when did he bring so many clothes with him? 

Aliya tries to reason with Mujtaba but he’s the arrogant man who forbids her from refusing. I love the scene when the siblings are going out for shopping and he says, “dupatta lo.”

I like Mujtaba, strangely.

Mujtaba talks to Ammi. He tells her about Aliya’s upcoming wedding. Ammi casually brings up his own marriage. He talks about a girl he likes and would want to marry, but does not want to discuss it yet.

Faryal is so freaking loud when she talks to Aadil. And, Aahil says:

میرے جیسا محبت کرنے والا ملے گا نہیں

Who talks like this?

Aliya is sulking, so is Aadil. And, Aahil tries to calm him. Suddenly, she remembers Sunehri’s sunehre (golden) words – Love needs you to be strong and courageous. Aliya resolves to be brave and take control of her life.

Sunehri’s side

Sunheri is studying for exams and says Sunehri a million times before going for exams. OH.SO.ANNOYING.

Aahil comes to pick her up because Sunehri’s mother has asked him to. How convenient! Anyways, so he takes her out for gol gappa. Guess who spots them together? No, not Mujtaba. Rubab and Tauqeer.

Aahil has clearly fallen for her but Sunehri is oblivious. He gifts her colourful bangles which she gratefully accepts. 

Aahil also takes Sunehri to the studio. Her song is received well and both Aahil’s and Sunehri’s future looks bright. Aahil tries to express his feelings cryptically, but Sunehri is either very innocent and does not understand or is just dodging the ‘talk’. But wait, how does she know how Mujtaba feels about her and not when Aahil does almost the same thing? Nope, just cannot get my head around it.

میں تمہاری زندگی سے تبھی جاؤں گا جب تم کہو گی۔

Rubab tried to contact Sunehri, failing which she appears unannounced to confront her.
“Are you after my son’s property and riches.”

Ha, how dare she? I cannot wait to see how Sunehri responds to this.

Parting Thoughts

There is one Urdu couplet I read. It was part of a joke.

So, a poet recites this in a mushaira.

یہ واقعات کہیں روز روز ہوتے ہیں

کہیں کہیں ہی کوئی خاص بات ہوتی ہے

Other poets say that though there is “khaas baat” in the verse, there is no “khaas baat” (nothing special).

What does that joke have to do with the review of this episode? Why did I mention it here?

Because, I feel that things are happening in every episode but the story isn’t progressing much. Maybe because there is no subplot and the story focuses on the limited number of characters. Their stories don’t engage as much as it should.

What’s your feeling about this episode? 

Shabana Mukhtar