Deewar-e-Shab Episode 13

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 12.

Please read about the cast and characters.

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Plot Summary

Sandal is now learning to dance. The music disturbs Gaiti Aara as she tries to study. Nageena gets kicked out of a movie as she’s too old.

Salaar enters the scene again. He’s shooting their area. Salaar works with TV.
Salaar and Gaiti Aara, oh my god!

I would have been surprised if I hadn’t read the book.

Ma’az and Joya meet in a restaurant. Osama is brilliant as Ma’az. They exchange a volley of taunts and both accuse the other to have changed with time.

Khayyam loses the jewelry he had brought. I knew it would happen, but so wished this plot twist would not be in drama. Babu Shaukat’s son Raju is not a good person, obviously. Khayyam breaks down when he finds that his mukammal asasa is missing. Shehroz shines in this scene and though I hate crying, I did.

Salaar offers to do some recording with Sitara jahan. Whether he genuinely interested in her voice or just an excuse to see Gaiti is unclear.


Shirazi appears briefly but leaves an impact, just like he does in Besharam. Who is this actor? I searched for his name in Besharam’s credit, I didn’t find it. I looked for Bandi’s cast (he was Yasir’s right-hand man) still nothing. If anyone reading this knows this man, let me know his name. He is a terrific actor.