Deewar-e-Shab Episode 14

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 14.

Please read about the cast and characters.

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Plot Summary

Salaar recites poetry in a perfect poetic manner that comes with practice. Impressive, Shahzad. Of course, he offers to tutor Gaiti Aara. You can feel better chemistry between Sara and Shahzad. The same feeling wasn’t there with Shehroz even though the romance was more obvious and intimate.

Shirazi tries to convince Nageena to send Sandal for dance. Failing to convince her, the offer goes to Almas.

Ma’az gets hit by the goons. Joya cannot help herself and goes to meet him. They begin to argue, again.

Khayyam doubts that Raju has stolen the jewelry.

Saife Hassan is here, woohoo. He’s the director who’s recording Sitara Jahan. He appears in only one scene and does not even say a word.

Izhar and Shakera come to give the card and throw some money too. Why do Islam and family bear that behaviour?


There is still some more characters to be introduced. I am not sure if this drama will end in use 26 episodes.