Deewar-e-Shab Episode 2

Please read the cast and characters and review of first episode.

Plot Summary

The second episode was a bit more dramatic than I would have hoped. Dildar begum wants Nageena and Feroza to fail so her kothha will attract more clientele. Feroza isn’t just a beautiful face but has a heart of gold. She is nice and kind to everyone ; including Dildar Begum and Gulnaz. 

Shakera and Aapa Gul are born liars.  They make up fake stories and the family drama annoys us just the way it is supposed to.

Then, Feroza runs away and Dildar Begum helps her, luring her with prospects of a house and a loving husband. 

All hell breaks loose when she’s missing. Ok the other side, Dildar is celebrating. Shaama and Faiz are just as upset as Sitara. 


Sitara Jahan dresses in sober colours. I like ’em. Mohammed Ahmed as Faraghat Baig is adorable as always. Zara Noor Abbas cameo is over in this episode. 

It is Mohsin who steals the show. I am biased towards him, alright.

Stay tuned for more. What did you think of this episode?


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