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Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 30.

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Plot Summary

Lahore Track

Sandal is moving to a new kothi and wants everyone to shift with her, leaving her ‘shameful’ past behind. Sitara Jahan does not want to move, unwilling to leave her chaubara.

Dildar is blue with envy and is determined to ruin it for Sitara Jahan and family. She wants to announce that she had helped Feroza elope. Chanda (Shama’s equivalent in Dildar’s house) tells this to Shama. Shama isn’t surprise, because they all sort of already know. They don’t have evidence, and that’s where the problem lies, always.

Nageena meets Dildar and Gulnaz and there is a volly of insults that both parties throw at each other. Although, I must admit, Nageena has an edge. It would be unfair to not praise Nausheen Shah for her brilliant performance as an all-enduring mother.

Karachi Track

Joya is getting married and her family is ecstatic except her. So, when she finds out that Izhar was only using the i-will-divorce-your-mother threat to only scare her, she becomes a rebel and refuses to get married. This doesn’t go down well with Izhar, and he tries to use the same divorce card again. Sadly, that bait doesn’t get through because the police arrives to arrest him for corruption. Woohoo!

But wait, let’s not celebrate yet. Joya’s problems are not over, not yet.

Shaista Begum isn’t happy that Khayyam is staying with them. You shouldn’t be. Khayyam will marry your daughter. Can’t you see?

Zoobiya is bored with Salman and wants a divorce. So, she can marry Salaar. Yousuf clearly tells her that Salaar is interested elsewhere.

Zartaj sets up a big charity event to show off to media. The entire track from novel is reduced to one scene but I am not complaining. That was the most upsetting track in the novel.

Closing Note

And, Nabeel reaches the bazaar. Now, I know for sure that this track (Nabeel avenging Salaar by planning something awful for Gaiti Aara) will not be removed. It is there in the novel and I was hoping that they’d not show it on screen. It is one ugly scene.

The promos show that Salaar is attacked. Someone (Nabeel’s hired goons) shoot on his car. Will Salaar die? No, but ssshhh, that’s a secret until next episode.

That’s my take on this episode. How did you like this one? Please leave a comment.

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Until next review, remember in your prayers and stay blessed!

Shabana Mukhtar