Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 21 | Rumi is the heart of this episode

It is time to review the 21st episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho.

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Plot Summary

Mehwish buys their old flat. Temporarily, she lives with Salman and Ayesha.

Danish resents it, because he feels like Salman and Ayesha are justifying her dishonesty and disloyalty. Salman and Ayesha are trying their for reconciliation between Danish and Mehwish. I feel that their entire existence is just about that – meddle and try that they reconcile.

Starting from the third scene of this episode, I felt like it is dragging, like literally. If it wasn’t for Rumi, I would have denounced this drama. Rumi tells Danish that Haniya feels for her, even if Danish isn’t interested.

I also like Haniya’s dialogue about falling in love a second time.

I have said this repeatedly that Rumi, though very cute, has lines more mature for his age. The makers realize this too. Haniya, Danish and Mehwish separately admonish him for talking like a grown up, to which he says, “you have caused me to grow up much faster.”


This boy takes his father’s proposal for Haniya. Uff!

Shahwar has not appeared since Maham made her entry, until today’s episode. Maham taunts her in usual Khalilur Rahman Qamar manner – big beautiful philosophical lines. Which brings me to the end of the review and one big question / issue.

Parting Thoughts / Question

How is everyone so philosophical? I used to enjoy all those lines and beautiful dialogues but of late it is getting

  1. too much
  2. too frequent
  3. too long
  4. draaaaaaging

You know, very recently, I was reading about multiple POV and how important it is to change voices when using multiple first person POV or using omniscent POV. In this drama, everyone has the same voice. Sab fundey dete hain. They are not simpletons. They all have deep meaningful thoughts and dialogues. They all have the same voice.

Not my cuppa tea.

Other questions:

  1. Why is Maham wearing only blue?
  2. Why is everybody hell bent on torturing others?
  3. Why is Adnan Siddiqui so handsome?

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more reviews. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar