Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 35 | Salaar and Gaiti Are Married

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 35.

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Plot Summary

So, Salaar is all furious and determined. He openly confesses his love for Gaiti.

Behzad talks shit to Sitara Jahan and her family. He also tells Salaar about all the money he has spent on the family. Really? Do you even know how much is net worth?

Salaar gives him enough to send him away. It is only Ustad Faraghat Baig who sides with Salaar. Nageena stands up for Gaiti Aara, having witnessed her bravado and sacrifice the previous night. So, Salaar and Gaiti get married.

This whole subplot is changed immensely to make it suitable ifor screen. Behzad was shown to be a mean man who had evil intentions for Gaiti. Salaar didn’t get together until very end. It was all too easy and convenient.

Anyways, I am glad that they are married.

Except Sitara Jahan and Sandal. They are stone-faced as Gaiti leaves with Salaar.

To make things worse, they get a notice for vacating their haveli.

I don’t understand why Sitara is so upset about Gaiti’s marriage. I like the dialogue between Sitara and Nageena – two mothers who have suffered enough through their lives.

Sitara is still upset with Salaar even though he tries to tell her about Behzad’s real face. And, for their accomodation, he gifts his house to Sitara. Smooth!

What’s with Bushra Ansari’s permanently pursed lips?

Rabia is sympathetic towards Khayyam and… Well… Love is in the air…

Sajid is being a good caretaker for Joya and responsibly looking after her. Gul doesn’t have any intentions to return Joya’s jewellery. Upon Shakera’s insistence, she gives 1000 rupees. Really? She’s the real daughter. Salman isn’t much different. Will they ever change?

Ma’az meets Joya. But Joya is reluctant to talk to him.

Yousuf clearly tells Zoobiya to give up her dreams of marrying Salaar.

پیسہ ہمیشہ خوش بختی کی دلیل نہیں ہوتا۔

Paisa hamesha khushbakhti ki daleel nahin hota.

Nice line!

And, when would Yousuf find out about Khayyam?

Nabeel and Chanda’s track is not changed. I mean, in the book it was Rozi. Here, it is Chanda. But we know what will happen in next episode. Nabeel is such an awful man. I hate such characters.

That’s the review. Excuse the typos, posted from phone.

Shabana Mukhtar

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