Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 39

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 39. It is inching towards finale.

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Sharafat offers to give a flat to Izhar and family if they agree for his marriage with Joya.

I like the conversation between Islam and Ma’az about Khayyam and Yousuf. It is the society

Khayyam’s monologue is so plain, it ruins the mood. Islam tells him that it was him who dropped him at Sitara Jahan’s house.


Yousuf is ready to bring Khayyam home. Zoobiya is quite excited for him. I wonder why.

Dildar is back with an offer for Sandal’s performance in a private program. Nabeel is behind this scheme to insult Gaiti, Nageena and Sitara Jahan. Gulnaz isn’t entirely on board but doesn’t stop this shit from happening, either.

Shakera permits Joya to leave. She doesn’t want Joya to marry Sharafat Ali. Finally, we see her caring for Joya. Shaista is so bitter that she has turned into an evil woman, perhaps worse than Shakera.

Rabia and Joya both are getting engaged on the same day. Both functions don’t get through. Rabia’s in-laws never show up. And Joya commits suicide.

She’s now hospitalized and is Khayyam conveniently around. Good, now Ma’az will know.

Gaiti calls Sitara and asks her to stop Sandal from performing but nobody is listening.

Nabeel admits everything in front of Gaiti Aara and Zartaj overhears. Why doesn’t she interrupt?

That’s where it ends. Going by the novel, this drama should end in one or two episodes.

That’s the review. Did you read my review for Alif’s finale episode? It will blow your mind. The episode, not the review, I mean 😉

Shabana Mukhtar