Deewar-e-Shab Episode 5

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 5.

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Plot Summary

In order to make ends meet, Sitara Jahan is forced to sell her jewellery. As things get worse by the day, Shaama visits the jeweller to sell another set. 

Shirazi comes to meet Dildar Begum and Dildar still doesn’t want Nageena to earn a single rupee. It doesn’t end there. She taunts that Nageena is short on luck. Nageena contemplates suicide but then resolves to win the game. 

Gul and Shakera make another scene making one lie after other. After another bout of argument, Izhar and family move out . Thank goodness! 

What happened to Feroza? 

Ten years later:  

We see young Gaiti Aara taking interest in studies etc. In a way, she is like Zara. Sandal is similar to Nageena.  

Zara appears again to be seen with her husband Yousuf. Yousuf claims to stand by her but when his mother falls down he leaves his side.  

Then we see Islam take a young boy take to Sitara Mahal.  Yep, ready for another time leap.

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