Deewar-e-Shab Episode 4

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Plot Summary

Nageena is resilient to make a living and agrees to marry Faiz Ali, her mortal enemy for no reason. 

Faiz Ali is a sweetheart. He accompanies Nageena to work and buys her breakfast. He stalks her but not in a creepy way. He is oh-so-cute. Nageena eventually falls for his charms. They are blessed with twins daughters Gaiti Aara and Sandal. 

This calls for celebration. Faiz Ali goes to get the sweets and gets hit by a vehicle. 


In every episode Sitara jahan wears a new colour. Whoever was responsible for costumes have done a commendable job. 

I have read the novel and I know what is coming. So, nothing surprises me.

This episode ends another cameo role. You will be missed, Mohsin. 

Stay tuned for more. What did you think of this episode?