Deewar-e-Shab Episode 7

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Plot Summary

Almas is a bitch, just like her grandmother. And the actor is hamming her way for her role.  

Islam and family meet Izhar to discuss the alliance of Ma’az and Joya. It doesn’t go well. Joya and Ma’az are heartbroken, but doesn’t say a word.  Osama and Anmol are terrific actors and they look great together. Salman and Rabia are also nicely cast. 


The magic of Aliya Bukhari’s word doesn’t translate on screen as I don’t feel Ma’az and Rabia’s pain as much as when I read the book. 

Khayyam is selfish and doesn’t hesitate to break everyone’s heart with his mean though true words. Nageena also feels that Sitara is partial to Khayyam but Shaama is ever so faithful that she consoles her. 

Khayyam realizes his words were harsh and in the evening they were about to have a cute moment but Sitara jahan starts riyaz and he flips out. He behaves as though he owns Gaiti Aara. 

By the way, Ma’az is supposed to wear simple, old, worn out clothes.  

Zoobiya Yousuf, ahem! So Zoobiya and Khayyam are step siblings. Where is Sandal, by the way? I have not seen her in the second time leap.