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Plot Summary

Izhar and family meets Zoobiya and family and are humiliated supremely. 

Gaiti Aara is at Dildar Begum’s house and Khayyam barges in and drags her back. They fight, again, and we hear some finest lines by Aliya Bukhari. Khayyam and Gaiti Aara are very good together. That scene in rain is to die for. Nausheen announces the engagement. Almas, therefore, is annoyingly intruding. 

Ma’az runs a road side school for kids. 


Joya is so pretty!  Joya and Rabia look like twins to me. 

Another plot difference to note here (from novel) is that Batool, Saeeda angle is skipped altogether. I am thankful for that, because it was the most saddening plotline in the novel. 

Zoobiya and Salman’s engagement is also tweaked for screen. We see Shakera and Gul handling fruits, dryfruits the engagement is not part of the drama. I think it was a good decision. It is very difficult to depict those nuances on screen. It makes for a good read, though. 

Bhai, salaar kab aayega? 

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