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Plot Summary

Nageena sprinkles salt on their wounds as she goes to announce the news to Dildar and Almas. Almas is upset and talk back that they only want her to earn money but don’t think about her happiness.  

Salman is pompous, greedy, selfish and annoyingly lecherous. 

Izhar insults his mother and Shaista again. Shaista doesn’t like it, and we can see that the tiff will impact Ma’az and Joya’s lives. 

Salaar is here, woohoo. Khayyam gets hit by a bike and yells at the driver. Salaar stops to help him. He is friendly and helping. Om the other hand, and Khayyam is annoying and rude as usual.  

Almas doesn’t want to do the show and the clients are making a fuss about their money. 


In the book, Joya has another sister – Zoya. She is not part of the cast. 

Khayyam is always upset with Shaama, the reason is not clear. I don’t recall it from the novel either. If anyone knows, please comment below.

The drama isn’t surprising, not yet. I am watching it to reminisce the memories of the novel. 

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