Drama Review: Dil Mom Ka Diya (Episode 19)

Dil Mom Ka Diya, drama is directed by Shahid Shafat, airing on ARY Digital.

The drama has been written by our very own Saira Raza. I have not read much written by her. But whatever I have, I have been immensely entertained.

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Ulfat has asked Afzal for a divorce.

Because of her dramas during the funeral, Farhat’s proposal is also on the verge of breaking. Azhar and Tamkinat try to make amends, successfully.

Ulfat as usual is bitchy. She insults Azhar repeatedly and nobody confronts. Sharafat aur murawwat ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai.

She doesn’t stop at that. She lies through her teeth and tells fabricated stories to Salma’s husband; that Afzal’s beating has resulted in miscarriage. And he believes her. That was unbelievable. Because everybody in the family knows how she is since day one. Only a stupid person would believe a woman like Ulfat.

She creates another drama at Afzal’s office in front of the staff and colleagues. Afzal, thankfully, does the needful and says the three words of Talaaq. Ulfat leaves the place with a smile and smirk on her face.

Seriously? Divorce is a big deal. At least some natural sadness or guilt any expression apart from that smug smile, would have made sense.

What I don’t understand is the divorce’s effect on Azhar and Tamkinat’s relation. I mean, they are married. Why should one divorce, for no fault of anybody but Ulfat, result in a divorce for them, too?

Farhat’s future mom-in-law had the same fear, that if Farhat is anything like her elder sister, she wouldn’t want his son to marry in such family. I understand her.

But Salma has witnessed the different natures of Ulfat and Tamkinat. Her repeated argument “Ulfat ki cousin hai, uss ke jaisi hi hogi” just doesn’t go well. Ye to wahi baat huyi ki kare koyi, bhare koyi.



Eagerly waiting for it to be over. Stay tuned for my review for next episode.

What do other feels about this drama?

Happy Watching!

Shabana Mukhtar


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