Drama Review: Lashkara

Lashkara, drama by Zafar Mairaj, on ARY Digital.

It is a clichéd triangular love story, yet set in a non clichéd background. Rafeeque likes Bubly, and sunny likes bubbly. Bubbly likes sunny, but not very seriously. And they are surrounded by family members and characters, and each one is having their own selfish motive.

What makes this more enjoyable is the super awesome cast.

Ushna, playing a Punjabi speaking girl, which is so refreshing. All the other work that I have watched, shows her as a modern girl.

Imran Ashraf plays the obsessive lover brialliantly.

Saba Hameed, is the over protective mother.

However, it is Mohsin Abbas Haidar as “bonga” Feeka who steals that show. The man has so many expressions. Simply loved his performance.

I loved the show in the begninning, but thought that it was dragged a tad bit too long. The drama reminded me of many stories by Aliya Bukhari. The characters are just so freaking dark and mean. “Will they ever learn to be nice?” I question. But I guess our world is full of such people.

What do other feels about this drama?

Happy Watching!

Shabana Mukhtar