Kids and Parents

Kids are small bundles of joy (and trouble).

I am not a parent, but I have been with enough kids to know how a parent ‘may’ feel.

I have been blessed… correction. My sisters have been blessed with three sons, and a son and a daughter respectively. For me, I have four beautiful (and crazy) nephews. The older ones are borderline devilish at times. The youngest is about a year old. My niece is only four months old. These two are nothing but purity and cuteness personified.

I often wonder what toddlers are thinking about? I recall my thought process from my childhood; I must have been three or four. I remember myself as an angry kid.

But what about toddlers? What do they think about? What do they see? Why do they laugh when they do? How do they identify their parents from others?

Kids are small bundles of mystery.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Ditto… Older ones aren’t very cute anymore :-p

  2. Sara Saif says:

    They’re made, is what they are. I have three nephews. They drive me crazy. The youngest is the craziest and we can’t seem to get enough of him. The older two are a different matter. They’re past the fawning over phase but still. Khalas are also called Maasi, as in Ma jaisi so I too know just a leeeeetul bit about how it feels. Just thinking about any of them being hurt constricts my heart. As for what they’re thinking, hell if I know. They’re mad.

  3. Faseeha Ahmad says:

    haha. true..