Drama Review: Dil Mom Ka Diya (Episode 20)

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In this episode, the post divorce sentiments of both sides are shown.

Ulfat and Afzal are divorced. Ulfat is hell-bent on ruining the relationship of Azhar and Tamkinat. Salma is also adding oil to the fuel.

Farhat’s engagement is also called off. Farhat calls Ulfat a “Dayan”. I wanted to pat Farhat’s back and say, “well done”.
Ulfat was at her typical bitchy behavior and Salma was her regular strict self. The only person favouring the ‘Azhar and Tamkinat’ marriage, is Kausar; but nobody is listening to her.

This episode was way too dramatic and loud. Six more episodes, should I assume?

Aakhir Ulfat ko sabaq kab milega?


Eagerly waiting for it to be over. Stay tuned for my review for next episode.

What do other feels about this drama?

Happy Watching!

Shabana Mukhtar


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