How far should one go to get reviews?

How do I find myself as a writer? – raw, unrefined and unpolished.

How do I find myself as a marketing: bad. No, pathetic. PATHETIC. Terrible. I can go on, but you get the drift.

How do I handle the review? One review (good or bad) and I run to my room, hide myself under the blanket and repeat infinitely that I should stop writing. You can read those stories here and here, and sympathize with me.

But I’m not writing to get good reviews. I’m writing because there is a story-teller in me. I wouldn’t mind good reviews, though. Just saying!

Enough about that. Coming back to the question: how far should one go to get reviews?

I have been contacted several times to review books. It surprised me cuz I ain’t that much of an influencer. I feel proud, though.

But I get confused. Is it okay to spam people and ask for review?

I have asked three people so far, three friends, to review my work. I feel shy about it.

But if others are okay, I would like to know. I will send personal messages, too; requesting to review my books.

Just kidding!

But seriously, do you feel it is okay to contact individuals for review?

Shabana Mukhtar