Drama Review: Dil Mom Ka Diya (Episode 23)

Dil Mom Ka Diya, drama is directed by Shahid Shafat, airing on ARY Digital.

The drama has been written by our very own Saira Raza. I have not read much written by her. But whatever I have, I have been immensely entertained.

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Quickly then

  1. Tamkinat leaves the school job and goes back to Hyderabad.
  2. Afzal marries for a second time. Fatima is unnecessarily treated badly. What is her fault?
  3. Azhar leaves for Canada or Dubai. It is not known to anybody. Audience needs to guess.ter’s future.
  4. Ulfat learns about Afzal’s remarriage and is upset. So, is this how she will learn her lesson? Boring!


Eagerly waiting for it to be over. Stay tuned for my review for next episode.

What do other feels about this drama?

Happy Watching!

Shabana Mukhtar