Dilruba | Episode 11 | Dilruba Takes Most Clichéd Step Forward

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 11) that aired on June 6, 2020.

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Plot Summary & Review


Sanam is pregnant. Such a clichéd plot turn, no? Will this force Sabeeh to marry her? Well, Samia tries. But he still says no. Samia refuses to move to London with him.
Sabeeh is confused as Samia repeatedly insists that he should marry Sanam.
Hammad has moved back to Pakistan, permanently and Iram gets married before Arslan returns to his job.


Like all good families, Arslan suggests that he would find a good match for Sanam. Sanam erupts like a lava. Reason: jaldi mein meri zindagi barbad kar di. She has not learned her lesson.
Sanam who is in iddat meets Asad to complain about Ayaz but can’t, because of Nasreen Khala’s interference. Ayaz also teases her on the street, Arslan sees this. The two have a spat and the neighbours interfere. Will Asad understand the real matter? Asad’s character is small but oh-so-important. Also, Arslan vows to find out about Ayaz. Sanam is petrified and she must find a way to stop this. So? Asad, who else?
Arslan, Ghazala and Iram go to market, conveniently and Sanam gets a chance to talk to Asad. Asad first asks if someone’s home. How nice! But someone might have spotted him entering Sanam’s house, no? What if Nasreen Khala blames that Sanam is luring Asad?
Asad meets Ayaz and asks him to delete all the photos. Ayaz says: chal bhag!




I must note that Mohib’s subdued character leaves quite an impact.


Shabana Mukhtar