Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 42



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Muhsin warns Ayse because he has already forgiven her twice. He also offers her to follow Helda’s instructions and learn the mannerism of high class.

Sabri’s mother locks him in the room but he escapes through the window.

Gonca and Ayse quarrel with each other when Volkan asks Ayse to work with Gonca. Ayse finds about Cedah’s resignation. She gets upset that Kerim did not accept the resignation. Volkan and Kerim analyze the situation – that Ayse has fallen in love with him. Haha!

Adeel also works with Gonca.Omer, an old acquaintance and a business client runs into Ayse before meeting Kerim. Without knowing their relationship, he praised Ayse in front of Kerim, making him jealous.

Nazmiye and Malahat decided to start something to make some quick money. The first client is Nasreen. She comes to look for missing Sabri and Nazmiye forcefully makes her the first client. Will their entrepreneurship survive? Let’s see.

Shabana Mukhtar