Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 41



Ayse and Kerim discuss Cedah because she feels bad for Cedah. Awnnn! Theybl bicker during the night and they bicker during the day. Aren’t they tired of it? I know I am not.

Riza is still not talking to Nazmiye, breaking her heart. Why don’t people talk and solve their conflicts?

Hulya and Helda are ranting against Ayse but Muhsin calm everyone. Things look okay but Qadar arrives to ruin the party. He accuses Ayse of playing with Sabri’s heart. Ayse tells the whole truth – she talked to Sabri to get Riza out of jail. Kerim backs her statement. Helda is still upset with Ayse.

Cedah resigns but Kerim doesn’t want to let her go to his rivals.  For the first time she’s wearing full pants. Haha.

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Shabana Mukhtar