Emergency Love | Episode 96


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Nisan forgets the butter on the stairs to get her car out of the way. That is a recurring theme in this drama. How many times is she going to park irresponsibly? Abidin suspects that Sinan and Nisan are fighting. How cute is he when he praises his handsomeness. Ah, Abidin!

Nisan eats the whole breakfast, by herself. Breakfast for two – alone. Petuuuu ladki! But the questions remain. What is Sinan hiding? Who did he meet early in the morning? Who was he talking to about liking Ali?

Zeynep and Uzair are off to a shaky roommate arrangement. Uzair lures her by promising to take care of all household chores. Despite finding an almost perfect candidate for roommate, Zeynep rejects her. Why? because Uzair…

Who slips on the butter? Sinan’s mother, no prizes for guessing.

Shabana Mukhtar