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Aakhir Kab Tak is an Hum TV drama serial that started airing in May, 2021. Directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama, this drama is written by Radain Shah of Shehnai fame. I’m not a big fan of Shehnai, but Aakhir Kab Tak seems promising.

It stars Ushna Shah, Srha Asghar, Javeria Abbasi, Adeel Hussain, Azfar Rehman and Haroon Shahid in lead roles.

I’ve seen a couple of episodes and likes it immensely. My schedule did not allow me to indugle, thought. Now that I’m in Pune for a few weeks, I’m spending less time on household chores (the perks of living alone), so I have some time to spare. This has been recommended to me by a Liza. Thanks, Liza, for giving me the much-needed push to watch this drama.

Cast & Characters

The drama revolves around two lead couples, or four individuals if you want to appreciate them individually. Let’s meet the characters and their families. We will learn about their dynamics later on.

Noor’s Family

Ushna Shah as Noor

She is the lead. She is confident, strong, sassy and savage… We need characters like her.

Srha Asghar as Fajar

Noor’s younger sister. She’s Noor’s opposite in personality, though the two girls make for a good sibling pair. Fajar is confused, weak, timid and meek.

We don’t necessarily need such people, but such people do exist in real life. Boy, they have a tough life; tougher than us, I mean. We all have our fair share of troubles. What’s life without a few challenges. Am I right?

Javeria Abbasi as Safiya

Noor and Fajar’s mother. She is opressed, and constantly tortured-both mentally and physcially, by her husband and mother-in-law. She doesn’t think of it as abnormal. Safiya has a “Aise hi hota hai, aur aise hi hoga” type mentality.

Shahood Alvi as Ehtesham

Noor and Fajar’s father. He’s not nice people. He keeps whining and undermining Safia

Gul e Rana as Fareeda

Ehtesham and Taufique’s mother. She’s a venomous woman, I tell you. She makes Safiya’s life a living hell.

Akhtar Hasnain as Toufique

Ehtesham’s younger brother

Erum Akhtar as Rehana

Taufique’s wife, Fareeda’s neice. She’s a working woman, and very manipulative. She leads her life based on lies and meanness.


Taufique’s son, Noor’s supposed fiance. But his main role is to harass Fajar. He’s a piece of shit, that’s what he is.


Taufique’s daughter. She’s just like her mother-lies through her teeth and speaks ill of everyone.

Sara Asim as Nighat

Ahtisham and Toufique’s sister

Nasir’s Family

Adeel Hussain as Nasir

The corrupt police officer with his heart in right place. He’s Noor’s… Let me put it this way. He likes Noor. Adeel is a fav, and he looks good in uniform. He looks handsome in civilan clothes as well, but you know what I mean.

Farah Nadeem

Nasir’s mother


Nasir’s younger brother and Noor’s classmate and a nice friend.


Saim’s Family

Haroon Shahid as Saim

Fajar’s husband. Very kind, very understanding, very considerate. He is the model husband, you know…

Sabahat Bukhari as Nilofar

Saim’s mother. She’s a very demanding lady. Everything should be as per my whim. At times, she sounds like me. Yeh aise kyu nahin hua? Meri marzi ke khilaaf kyu hua? But I’m not that mean. She’s something else.

Raja Haider as Aijaz

Saim’s father. He’s a nice and kind man, quite the opposite of Nilofar.

Inaya Khan as Nimra

Saim’s sister. She also plays Nasreen in Laapata. Nasreen is such a fun character. In this one, she is one of those few people who stand by Fajar. Nice girl!


Azfar Rehman as Zafar

A tuition class chemistry teacher. He had molested many girls including Fajar in the past. He’s the reason behind Fajar’s perpetual fear.

Dr Nazish

Nilofar’s friend, a gynaecologist


Saim’s stupid office friend. I call him stupid because he gives some shitty ideas to Saim

The rude Principal ma’am

Saad Azhar as Advocate Iftekhar

Zafar’s cunning lawyer

Anam Tanveer as Advocate Rubab

Fajar’s compassionate lawyer


I will be reviewing the episodes soon. So, stay tuned.  Until then, check out my stories.

Shabana Mukhtar