Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 10

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 10 Written Update and Review

I don’t understand why Saim is discussing his private life with his friend Imtiaz. Kyu bhai? 

You shouldn’t discuss you private life with your friends, even if s/he is your best friend. You don’t discuss your marital life with anyone, unless you’re seeing a psychiatrist… Even so… I don’t like, let’s put it that way/

Imtiaz suggests that Saim should be a bit more authoritative. Saim, being the stupid man that he is, tries that. Fajar breaks down, again. Saim apologizes. But wait… Why did he suddenly change his ways? He was nice and kind and polite.

Imtiaz doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Yes, Fajar is Saim’s wife. But he doesn’t understand consent. Who does?

Noor and Saim both suggest that Fajar should see a  psychiatrist. Fajar agrees. She wants to work on her relationship with Saim. That’s a positive sign, right?

Noor decides to go and take care of the business. Ehtesham isn’t happy but there is nothing much he can do, can he?

Nilofer has become a full-fledged vampire. I like what Aijaz said: keep some privacy with your kids.

I hate Safiya. The worst mother ever… How could she blame Bisam’s doing on Fajar? Argh!

I will be reviewing the other episodes soon. So, stay tuned.  Until then, check out my stories.

Shabana Mukhtar