Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 28

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 28 Written Update and Review

Yeah, Noor tells Nasir about Fajar. She also informs him about Zafar and that Zafar is living in the same house. 
Wait for it… 
“Fajar hasn’t told Saim yet, and she needs two more days. so, we can’t do anything until she talks to Saim,” Noor says.
Say what now?
Being a viewer, I’m pissed. I can only imagine how frustrated Nasir must be. He does put a few men to watch Saim’s house, though. 
Our dear Noor also tells Safiya everything about Zafar – Zafar is back, he’s staying at Saim’s, he is harassing Fajar… We see Noor’s old self who blames things on Safiya. I feel for Safiya, but she is responsible for what happened to Fajar, right?  Ehtesham and Dado also overhear the conversation. While Ehtesham breaks down and mourns Fajar’s plight, Dado does what she does best – she laments. It was good to see that Ehtesham did not blame anything on anyone, but I had expected him to take a stand; like go to the police or something. Uska toh damaad hi police hai. What do you think of Ehtesham’s reaction to the news?
Zafar continues to harass Fajar, Fajar can’t take the stress any more and she tries to commit suicide. That came as a shock, so I had to go back and rewatch the scene, twice. What exactly did Zafar ask of Fajar?
What’s with that background music? That scene has so much background music that I can’t hear the dialogues properly. Please dear editors, music pe hath haula rakhiye. As if Tere Tere bin on HKKST isn’t enough, this drama also has dramatic music all the time. Now I know why I couldn’t catch their conversation in the first go. I must have skipped the scene the first time. 
“I would have never done anything to you if I had known that Saim would marry you. I did you a favour by not telling Saim until now. You should return the favour and let things continue the way they are. I’ll be waiting for you,” he says.

That pushed Fajar to the limit. She performs salat, prays and seeks forgivesness, and then…

So, yeah… She has poisoned herself. Zaher aaya kahan se?
Bas phir, everybody is at the hospital. Oh, ans Fajar has left a suicide-very proper that way. Nilofer sees the note and asks the house help to throw it away. I don’t understand this woman. Her own daughter Nimra is telling her about Zafar’s character, and yet she trusts Zafar over Nimra. I mean… I know some mothers give more preference to others, but not in matters like this, right?
Thankfully, Nimra also sees the note. Before she could react, Nasir is in with his boys to catch Zafar. And that’s where the episode ends.
Zafar has left already, though. Big whoop!


Let’s talk about performances for a bit. I had last seen Azfar in Atish (and miss Veet before that), and now this… I need time to see him as anyone else except Zafar. Kudos to him. Shahood Alvi is fabulous as usual in his portrayal of a paralyzed man. My heart goes out for Fajar, and Srha deserves all the praises for her acting. But… Can I just say that as the drama is dragging, her acting feels repetitive and a bit annoying? I mean… I still feel sorry for Fajar, and I want her to live a life free of any apprehensions, any fears. But we have seen it for 28 episodes now. It doesn’t lessen the impact, but at the back of my mind I know that this could have been finished 3-4 episodes earliar than planned.  But hey, what do I know about drama making?

What does the future hold?

In my review of 26th episode of AKT, I had said that it will take four more episodes. We have seen two more, and the next one isn’t the last episode, either. So, we have at least two more episodes now. Kitna lagayenge bhai?

Speaking of promo, we see Noor and Safiya breaking down, and Nimra also staggers and rests against the wall. There is some terrible news. Has Fajar lost the battle against life? If that’s the case, it would be a sad and disappointing end. A girl is abused, and she dies-this is what happens in real life. I hope this drama shows a survivor and not a victim like real-life. The other possibility is, and I might be way out on a limb here, that the poisoning somehow made her infertile. You know the cliched line:

“Aap kabhi maan nahin ban saktin.” 

I say that, because that is a very painful thing to hear, and that explains the title track – Adhuri Hoon Main. I admit, that’s a far-fetched thought. I even googled if poisoning can make a woman infertile. Apparently, it can. 

Anywho! We will know in next Monday’s episode. If my prediction is right, I will buy myself a large bar of chocolate. Or should I do that right away? Do I really need an excuse to eat chocolate?

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until we meet again, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I have high hopes from DEM, so far. But it might drag, as your rightly anticipated.

  2. liza says:

    i stopped watching meharbano haha i just read your reviews or listen to something haute to know what happened. i think dil e momin too.. last two episodes didnt impress me at all

  3. nice, so something to look forward to on a Saturday. Mehrbano is so bleh.

  4. liza says:

    yes! ary has a release date already! 27 nov. even the producers said it was slated to release this year 🙂

  5. liza says:

    oh yeah.. it is haha

  6. Sinf-e-Aahan is premiering already? Who told me that it’s slated for Jan 2022? I’m always ready for Umera’s dramas. I hope to see the magic of her novels in this series.

  7. Ummm, talking of that insta post, who’s on Ushna’s right in the third pic? Isn’t she Srha?

  8. liza says:

    i think ethesham’s reaction is justified. bechara can’t do anything about it, he is half paralysed, i think even if he goes to the police, no one will take him seriously. plus, there is nasir to take care of that aspect so i feel it would be redundant.

    also i was reading the comments, i also forgot bushra existed. some suggested bushra might die. that would explain why noor, safiya and nimra would cry. now my problem is the extent to which they cry only makes sense if fajar dies because why would safiya cry so much because bushra died? but still i hope it’s bushra!
    and then here comes the point about ushna shah’s instagram post. She posted a funeral scene in one of her posts but it shows only safiya and noor. fajar is nowhere to be scene. now it seems as if abbu is alive, so my next guess ah…. sigh i don’t know. i’m impatiently waiting for next week. can monday be here already?

    and you’re right about wanting to show a sexual assault survivor rather than succumbing to her wounds.

    also Sinf e aahan is premiering next sat!!! i’m so looking forward. and there is a new drama with my favourite on screen couple- sana and feroze as well.. i think it’s replacing dour (another azfar rehman drama. i must say the man is damn good but he plays too many negative characters).

  9. it was… yeah, Zafar asked Fajar to come to him. I’ve updated the review. There are so many things that come to mind after I publish the first review. What do you think of Ehtesham’s reaction to the news?

  10. liza says:

    yesterdays episode was just heartbreaking. I made a mistake by watching it yesterday itself and i have my final exams today and urgh it’s messing me up. Yesterdays episode COMPLETELY belonged to srha i mean what a WOMAN. my heart broke when she was trying to tell saim but she couldn’t and like the build up was just…. poor poor fajar.

    and i wanted to clarify, did sir zafar ask fajar to sleep with him in exchange of not releasing the videos to saim ? was that fajars turning point or was it something else? hahah i couldn’t decipher the dialogues quite clearly.. so if you help me

    and seeing the promo, and the way noor and the mother cries.. it seems as if fajar is going to die. i don’t know, i hope not. if they do.. i’m really going to be heartbroken…

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