Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 29

A Little Recap

So, Fajar has tried to commit suicide and is taken to the hospital. Nasir comes to Saim’s place to arrest Zafar, but the culprit has fled already.

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 29 Written Update and Review

All about closure, some good and some bad.
So, Zafar has escaped from the rear door. Nasir seals his room nonetheless.
The scene switches to the hospital, and we see Fajar’s family members worrying about her. Then comes the moment that we have all been waiting for. Nimra hands over Fajar’s suicide note to Saim. And then we see one of the best performances of Haroon Rasheed. The way he shakes his head and slowly staggers to the benches and collapses… my heart just goes out to the character.
Dado talks rubbish about Fajar’s plight right in front of Ehtesham. She’s talking to Taufique and Rehana. Despite everything that her younger son and family has done, she still thinks well of them. Despite everything that her older son and family has done, she still thinks ill of them.
Ehtesham does stand for his family for once. He scoldsTaufique for bringing up business while her daughter is fighting the battle of life and death. Is it too little, too late, though? At least, Ehtesham does speak for his family, something we had been waiting for since… ever since he is paralyzed. Much awaited scene, I must say.
Ehtesham taking a stand doesn’t matter much now, though, because the battle is lost. 
Yes, Fajar dies. The way the doctor announces that Fajar is no more, it’s a bit too abrupt, but it hurts nonetheless. Even though I saw it coming, even though I had prepared for it, it hit me in the gut. I was hoping the makers won’t go down that route.
That scene alone kinda of washes everything good that AKT has ever done. The questions that Noor raises afterwards, we could have still answered them differently. Fajar didn’t have to die. This drama has done so many things so differently and positively. This wasn’t what I expected. I don’t think anybody expected this. I think we were all rooting for Fajar and Saim.
Now you end the drama, don’t end the drama, I don’t effing care.
Speaking of ending the drama, it’s not ending any time soon. 
Let’s get back the story. Everyone has performed well from the moment they hear the news to the time of funeral while every single family member recalls their moments with Fajar. This is what I was fearing, as I note in my review of previous notes. 
Nilofer and her maid both have not learned their lessons yet. Nilofer doesn’t want Saim to mourn Fajar’s death. She even asks him to move on. 
Zafar meets a lawyer who promises to save his ass from the law in a snap. The promo also shows that Zafar is being taken to the court while Taufique and his family also has their fair bit of drama. 
Disappointed, I can’t stress on that enough. 

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until then, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar