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A Little Recap

So, Advocate Iftekhar has created a favourable scene for Zafar while the whole world alongwith the law is putting all the blame on Fajar. 

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 31 Written Update and Review

So far, the case is going in Zafar’s favour. The court allows the bail for Zafar, and suspends Nasir for beating up Zafar. The next proceedings will be two days later. This court trial is similar to many we see in real life. The girl is blamed for everything that a man does. When will that change?
Nasir and Noor meet Bushra’s mother and seek help. If Bushra becomes the witness, this case will have a new life. Just like Safiya, Bushra’s mother also tries to hide things. Noor talks directly to Bushra. Noor’s little monologue moves us, the viewers. But, does it affect Bushra or her mother. Only future will tell.
Advocate Rubab is admonishing Nasir for his irresponsible acts that has gotten him suspended. While they are going back and forth about the future of Fajar’s case. Everyone is worried. Nimra offers to be a witness. But the biggest promise comes as Aiman Idrees, Zafar’s ex-wife. Saim seems positive for the outcome.
The other side is also readying their case. They have summoned Bisam to speak against Fajar. Bisam is a changed man now, so I am sure this will backfire. What other ammunition do they have? Advocate Iftekhar wants to win the case at any cost, and he doesn’t really care about Zafar. But Zafar reveals that the allegations against him are not baseless. Even though we see only the side profile of Iftekhar, we can see that he is momentarily stunned. When he met Zafar the first time, he had asked for the truth and nothing but the truth.
Rubab present Aiman as a witness. She tells everything there is to know about Zafar. The woman was being blackmailed and yet she has gathered the courage to come forward. I salute this woman.

The best scene 

This episode had a couple of good scenes. I liked Zafar an Iftekhar’s talks. Saad Azhar and Azfar both have performed so well. I also liked Noor’s monologue with Bushra. The best scene of this episode, however,  is the conversation between dado and Noor. 
“Why did you two drag our personal matters into public eyes? Everyone knew about Fajar’s mental state, and you have announced it to the world now. Zafar is bailed, and he will be acquitted,” Dado says.
“Saza toh main dilwa kar rahungi. Chahe mujhe puri duniya ka hi munh nochna pade,” Noor says. 
The way Noor says “nochna pade” and moves her hand, it just makes us feel her pain and angst all over again. 
But of course, that’s all the patience she has. She leaves the room, and now Safiya is alone with dado. After the initial outburst in the middle of the drama, Safiya is back to being her polite self, the obedient bahu that she always was. 
“How much more trouble do you want to bring to this family? I take an oath now. If I hear the court’s verdict in your favour, I will throw away my hearing device. If not, you will hand over the factory’s keys to me,” Dado says to Safiya.
And then she spits out of spite. We can see hatred in her eyes and malice ion her face.
Yeah, she’s one of those characters who never learn the lesson, those characters who always act like Pharoah. I’m working on a list of such characters. I should remember to include dado in it.


Gul-e-Rana has impressed me for her partly-comic partly-evil character but her full-fledged saffak scene in this episode gave me chills. What a performer she is. I loved the way she walked out of the room holding the door frames for support. The woman doesn’t have the strength to walk straight but her tongue is still sharp as knife. We know so many people around us. Allah gives respite to these people. Tch… such is life… 


How many more episodes are there? The promo for 32 doesn’t say it’s the finale. Matlab aur bhi hai? There was Laapata that wrapped up in 22 episodes and then there is Akhir Kab Tak…. Ab tak 31 and counting. Akhir Kab Tak is making us ask a question:   Akhir Kab Tak?

Haha… I do such puns once in a while.

What to expect from episode 32?

I think there are two lawyers fighting for advocates – Rubab and Iftekhar. I might be wrong, but this episode gave me this vibe. Oh, and I now agree with the theory that Fajar might still be alive.

  1. Saim isn’t grieving.  He is upset about missing Zafar, but he isn’t grieving like Noor and Safiya are.
  2. Saim tells Nimra that the next appearance in court will be in their favour.
  3. In the teaser for episode 32, Nasir says: This was necessary to bring Zafar out of his cage.

I didn’t agree to this theory ealier, but I’d be glad to be proven wrong. 

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until then, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. good to hear that about AKT.

  2. liza says:

    AKT is ending. 32 is the last. hum tv instagram post said so 🙂 sang e mah is also coming which is exciting and yeah i totally agree. too many dramas but i think jo bichar gaye is a short one because they only released in lieu of the 50th anniversary of dhakka fall.

  3. i will give it a try… too many dramas these days, though … and AKT just isn’t ending

  4. Liza says:

    Ohhhkay… and also you should honestly watch jo bichar gaye… maya ali has completely changed herself and the production value is just dare I say Netflix level

  5. Nothing much, she was bitter and spiteful as usual, but she scared me yday…

  6. liza says:

    just a favor… what was dado’s whole conversation about? i’m sorry but i didn’t understand the dialogues she was saying 😅

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