Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 5

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 5 Written Update and Review

Fajar repeatedly refuses to marry. Safiya has no time for Fajar as Ehtesham and Fareeda keep calling for Safiya every other minute.

Noor talks to her classmate Sameer who shatters the myths about Zafar’s tuition timings. Noor gets worried for the first time. She also talks to Fajar, tries to coerce her into talking, but now Fajar is too scared to talk to her own sister. The way she keeps hiding in the bathroom tugs your heartstrings.

Noor tries to talk to Zafar but Zafar lies that he was out of the station on Sunday. Now, what will Noor do? She misunderstands Fajar but Fajar does mention Zafar’s name before breaking down.

Safiya is still hell-bent on getting Fajar married. She also blames Noor for the whole thing. What mother does that? She knows what has happened with Fajar and yet…

Noor breaks a bottle on Bisam’s head. She isn’t ashamed of her act; she’s proud of it. That smile on her face will make you smile as well. You go, girl! I don’t endorse violence, but she is taking control of things, at least.

Her victorious smile doesn’t last long. Rehana and her family blame everything on Noor and Fajar, as usual. Ehtesham is just a puppet who can only yell at his wife and daughters. I don’t like his character. Why do we show such extreme characters on screen? If someone’s nice, they’re too nice. If someone’s bad, they’re too bad. Why don’t we have characters like Noor. She’s flawed and yet you root for her.

The episode ends as Zafar threatens Noor to make Fajar’s videos viral.

This drama is very difficult to watch.

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Shabana Mukhtar