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A little recap

Zooni taunts Meher’s dressing style, and Zarar takes her out for shopping.

Amanat Episode 10 written update and review

There is one thing that hits me when I watch this drama: inconsistencies.
  1. Safeer is supportive of Meher and Zarar most of the times but then he suddenly starts to scold Zarar.
  2. Firdaus is never happy, neither with Meher nor with Zooni. But when it comes to choosing one of them, she becomes the sweetest mother-in-law for Zooni, and agrees to everything that brat says.
  3. Samra is nice to Zarar initially, but then suddenly she starts to act like Zooni – loud and rude.
  4. Raheel is very romantic and sweet to Samra, as long as Zooni is out of the picture. When Zooni comes in, everything becomes about Zooni. Then, Raheel
Inconsistent, unpredictable… That’s how they are.
I think, all of these characters are meant to be selfish; they can’t think of anyone else. That’s very interesting. I mean, in dramas, we generally see a bunch of characters with different traits. In this one, everyone is just the same.
Salma isn’t well, and Samra and Raheel have some plans. Despite Raheel’s insistence, Salma sends them away. Samra is only to happy to go out with Raheel (selfish factor). We just know that something is going to happen, something bad is going to happen.
and it does.
Salma falls down the stairs, nothing serious, but Zooni toh Zooni hai. She blows things out of proportion. Raheel and Samra and Junaid, the three of them try to calm her down, but Zooni is unstoppable. She bickers and rants and seeths until us viewers get a headache. I wonder what it would be like to live with Zooni IRL.
Zooni isn’t the only one at the wrong here. Salma also blames everything on Samra. Kyu bhai? She herself had allowed Samra and Raheel to go out for dinner. When Firdaus comes to see Salma for ayadat, Salma taunts that Firdaus hasn’t raised her girl well. In short, she speaks the language Zooni speaks. If this Zooni lingo becomes popular, this world will be a much worse place to live in. I don’t understand this family.
If you think that was enough drama, you are wrong. This doesn’t end there. Zooni asks Samra to make dinner, and Samra falls for the trap to be the best bhabhi ever. But Zooni gives Samra a tough time, again. Zooni and Salma make rai ka pahad again. Uff… Watching this drama is ruining my Friday night.
There is some hope, though. Zarar is going to Islamabad for some meeting. Firdaus doesn’t want to see Meher so Meher also joins Zarar for the trip.

What to expect from episode 11

Meher has surrendered herself to fate. She has started to develop feelings for Zarar. Will Zarar reciprocate? I think so.  We will wait for the next episode to see some romance, hehe.


Before I go, I want to mention a couple of performances.
Urwa looks gorgeous after her shopping spree. She reminds me of Laila Saba from Parizaad.
Shahryar Zaidi is effortlessly adorable. I like the tea scene when he doesn’t like the tea. Reminds me of my father. I make tea for him at least six times and at least once he winces. He likes his tea a particular way, and well… Safeer’s reactions are just like my father’s. If he doesn’t like his tea, he winces a lot until he finishes the tea. At times, he also asks to make the tea again, which is what Safeer does, too. I had a question here: who made tea for Safeer when Meher wasn’t around?
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar