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A little recap

Meher and Zarar are in Islamabad for Zarar’s office trip. Ahem!

Amanat Episode 11 written update and review

Do Dil mil rahe hain magar chupke chupke…
Zarar and Meher are coming closer. Meher dresses up, Zarar praises his wife… Things are going well until a car hits Zarar while he is trying to save a kid. As a result, Zarar is taken to the hospital. Can we just stop for a second and count how many tikes we have seen hospital scsnes? Fawad and Zarar flashback scene, Meher is hospitalized twice, and now Zarar… Am I missing on anything?
Amanat has an affiliation with some hospital I guess, haha…
Back home also, things are changing.. Firdaus is having a change of hearts regarding Meher. If nothing, Meher did look after everything in the kitchen. Zooni continues to be Zooni. She suggests that Firdaus should cook. And Firdaus does, but Zooni and Junaid still go out. Chalako maasi hai na yeh Zooni… Don’t get me wrong, but I like how smart she is. Take for instance how she complains about Junaid to Safdar and Firdaus.
Oh, I forgot to mention the big fight of this episode. Junaid and Zooni were out for shopping. Junaid didn’t have enough cash nor did his card work. Bas, this was humiliating for Zooni. And as one would expect, she created fuss in front of Samra and Salma. Things get a little out of hand, Firdaus even loans some money to Junaid. Junaid buys those dresses that Zooni had selected but now she doesn’t want them. She would never be happy.
Samra and Raheel have a good news. I just realize that the couple broke the news to Samra’s family first. I have a feeling that this would be a problem in future.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar