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A little recap

Meher and Zarar both have confessed their love for each other. This couple is happy but the other one… Not so much…

Amanat Episode 13 written update and review

If this episode was titled, it would have been “Zooni tere kitne rang”. Apparently, her car broke down and she called Zarar. She acts like a victim. Now, the question is, where is Junaid’s phone? And what does he do with his friends? I have no idea.
Mehr bhabhi makes breakfast for Junaid. She takes care of Firdaus’s high blood pressure, and she makes tiffin for Zarar. She’s the best, isn’t she?
Junaid is enjoying his breakfast when Zooni comes home. Itna kitna careless? Zooni is a bit over, but Junaid is irresponsible. Whether he has left the job or he is fired, we don’t know. Zooni offers Junaid pocket money.
Safdat’s friends are over for tea. Mehr makes refreshments, the guests love it, and things are going well until… Until Zooni talks about Mehr’s past. Neither Firdaus nor Safdar like it, they even tell Zooni but Zooni toh khud hi victim hai na. How long will this go on?
Zooni keeps calling Zarar for everything. She’s creating an impression that she is being abused in her marriage.
Mehr doesn’t tell Zarar what happened, but she does ask him to mind his business. In other words, she asks him to stay away from Zooni. The sad thing is, that Zarar doesn’t understand this, yet. Nobody understands what Zooni is after, except Junaid’s friend. That’s strange….
Samra and Firdaus are talking over phone. Samra is bickering about Zooni. Salma overhears the conversation. Itna bhi koi bewakoof na ho.
Safdar arranges for a job for Junaid. Yeah, as if. I don’t think he would change his ways.
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Shabana Mukhtar