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A little recap of episode 17

Meher is now living with her aunt Saeeda and Malik Furqan.

Amanat Episode 18 written update and review

Saeeda brings Meher to the hospital. She is thrilled about the “good news” but kaafi overacting ki hai aunty ne. Malik Furqan learns about this and orders Saeeda to abort the child. Ek Malik Furqan aur ek Meher, aise one tone character kahin nahin dekhe.
Junaid has taken off from the house and isn’t talking to anyone. He runs into Laiba. They get to talking, and we see thst Junaid does think about Samra. He comes across as a careless person but he might be more sensible than we thought him to be, more sensible than Zarar for sure. I ship Junaid and Laiba, by the way.
Safdar brings Junaid home. Raheel has decided to leave Samra. This entire family is so unpredictable. They can do anything any time. Zooni continues to show tantrums. Junaid is almost about to say the three words, and I tell you I was so excited but Samra ruins things. I know, some medical thing as she is expecting… Kuch toh bhi… by the way, Srha’s acting reminded me of Fajar from Akhir Kab Tak.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar


  1. liza says:

    yes you can!! there is a button on the top right of the video (if youre using laptop/pc).. not sure about phone but yes you can increase the speed :))

  2. sure, does dailymotion allow 2X speed? 😉 I rarely watch on normal speed. By the way, i have already created draft posts for DNUTN. So i guess i must watch it now, huh 😀

  3. gotcha… i was like: yeh kaun sa song hai… the way the singer swayed as he danced was so hilarious…

  4. liza says:

    sorry i mean it’s a reply to yumna saying ‘tum kya keh rahi ho’ hence the singer singing ‘wohi jo tum sun rahi ho’

  5. liza says:

    wahi joh tum sun rahi ho is just his reply to yumna’s question in the scene AHHAHAHA the ”yeh sab kya ho raha hai”

    also the way he said ”STOP!” was just so funny HAHAHAHA like it was so abrupt..

    also some scenes in the youtube yeh raha dil audio is muted so i actually prefer you to watch all the episodes on dailymotion 🙂 same like DNTUN

  6. just watched it, loved it, but i couldn’t recognize the 4th song-wahi jo tum sun rahi ho. AAA and YZ look sooo good. I will try to watch this drama now. Always in for a rom-com

  7. liza says:

    Also PLEASE watch yeh raha dil episode 23 from 0:00 to 3:00 omg its so effing funny i cannot stop laughing ehteshamuddin sahab omg
    sarey hum tv ke ost uda diya AHHAHAHHA

  8. I had an OD of rewind a while back. But dear lord is she good. She interviews people on a very deeper, more spiritual level, and we learn so many unknown things about celebs. Sanam Saeed and many others were a treat to watch.

  9. Liza says:

    Yeah that’s true.. I prefer Anna’s interviews than Hassan’s tho honestly… am a is just so well spoken and her interviews are just so thought provoking…. I also enjoy rewind w samina peerzada, these kind of thought engaging interviews are my favorite instead of just discussing about pure gossip.

    And yeah hahaha I thought you were tbh, well some times your post instigate that but yeah my bad ahaha… I think everyone has a different meaning of religious in their dictionary I guess

    Well if you wanna watch it then sure you can… I stopped right after he commented on celebrity break ups… it was so not cool.

  10. :O
    I’m not very religious. Did I give that impression? I just notice things that aren’t aligned with religion 🙂 I guess I better not comment on my own belief system. I don’t know how religious I’m on a scale of 1 to 10.

  11. Yeah, but their interviews are awesome, especially if the guest is as eloquent and handsome as Khushhal Khan. I loooooved that interview, and that kid. Very well spoken.

  12. liza says:

    no don’t watch it!! especially since youre very religious.. even the comment section was very harsh on them saying they are promoting shirk etc etc..

    hahaha it made my blood boil.. also urwa isn’t one of the top 5 as too zara…

    i love amna and hassan but really… sometimes i feel they comment on smth for pure viewership but i dont blame them, they need money too

  13. I haven’t watched SH for over two weeks now ever since the whole #sahad discussion. If they really did talk about this, I’m surprised. Amina and Hassan are not those kind of people, but I guess I was wrong. I feel your pain. Sajal and Ahad make for a great couple. It’s a shame they are reduced to gossip material. My prayers for all the married couples, especially #sahad.

    And astrology, really?

    BTW, it could be Urwa/Farhan or Zara/Asad also, no?

    Should I watch the episode or will it just make my blood boil?

  14. liza says:

    hi friend!! just wanted to share a worry… so yesterday on something haute’s ep raja haider was talking about astrology wagera… and i didnt expect this from the SH team but they asked Raja Haider to comment on any celebrity break up’s this year. and he went.. that there is one beautiful actress, top 5 actress in pakistan who will announce her separation before june 7.. AND HE FURTHER WENT that she has no kids. im like bruh, the pool of actors are so narrow and it’s clearly pointing towards sajal.

    1) shame on them for even discussing such things.
    2) im calling this bluff.. im sorry but Allah nah karey aisey ho.. Sajal and Ahad deserve all the happines in the world.

    im so disappointed aft yesterdays episode.. i mean i know they said they dont endorse those things but asking that question was extremely unprofessional imo…

    so disaapointed!

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